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Line Up

Mark Duffy (v) – also in Toranaga, Major Threat, X-Seed, Face The Unknown and Talanas
Ken Wilson (g)
Liam Mulpetre (g) – also in Scarred by Truth
Paul Simpson (b) – also in Corpse Candle
Chance Mead (d) – also in Conquer The Throne and Redshift

Dave Merrington (g)
Pete McArdle (g)
Mike Muskett (g) – also in Skitzofrenik
Miles Lofthouse (g)
Louis Astbury (g)
Will Philpot (g) – also in Omen UK, Serpents Kiss, Danger, Crazy Cottage, Twin Star, Screaming Silence and Rojor
Kenny Nicholson (g) – also in Black Rose, Hammer, Fast Kutz, Outrageous Wallpaper and Holland
Dave Hardy (g,b)
Dave Price (b)
Andy Fisher (b)
Steve Mennel (d)
Darren Moore (d) – also in Catharsis and Major Threat
Nigel Brown (d)

– Active during 1982-1988. Mark Duffy (v) and Pete McArdle (g) have been composing songs since 1978 when they went to acoustic guitar lessons together
– Briefly changed their name to Major Threat before spliting up
– Appeared on the compilation “Pure Overkill” (LP, Guardian Records n’ Tapes, 1983) with the tracks ‘Steal Your Heart’ and  ‘Rock Was Meant For Me’
– The track ‘Caught In A Warzone’ from their Demo 1985 entered into the compilation “Europe’s Best Metal“. This compilation was meant to be released by New Renaissance Records in 1986 but this never happened. However, a few test pressings do exist

MILLENNIUM - Millennium



LP Guardian Records N’ Tapes (1983) GRC 2163
CD Guardian Records N’ Tapes (2003)
CD No Remorse Records (2014) NRR051

1. Gang War
2. A Will To Survive
3. Magic Mirror
4. The Devil Rides Out
5. The Traveller
6. Steal Your Heart
7. Demons Of The Light
8. Rock Was Meant For Me
9. Armageddon
10. Try To Leave Me

*The 2003 CD release is a bootleg
*The 2014 re-release has the following bonus tracks:
11. Mutiny (Demo 1985)
12. Metal Storm (Demo 1986)
13. Kill Or Be Killed (Demo 1986)
14. Slaughterhouse (Demo 1987)
15. Cradle To The Grave (Demo 1987)
16. AIDS (Demo 1987)
17. Confession  (Demo 1987)
18. The Beast Will Be Command (Demo 1987)

MILLENNIUM - Demo 1985


Demo 1985

1. Rock Cliche
2. Caught In A Warzone
3. Holy Knight
4. Gambling Fever
5. Run To The West
6. Princess Of Light
7. The Dance Of The Dragonfly
8. We Don’t Trust You
9. When Midnight Falls
10. Cry Wolf


 Demo 1986

1. Keep It Metal
2. Mutiny
3. Metalstorm
4. Kill Or Be Killed

*Also Known As “Metal Era”

Demo 1987

1. Confession
2. The Beast Will Command
3. Slaughter House
4. Cradle To The Grave

MILLENNIUM - Caught In A Warzone


Caught In A Warzone

CD No Remorse Records (2016) 0744430521406
LP No Remorse Records (2016) 0744430521413

1. Princess Of The Light
2. Caught In A Warzone
3. The Dance Of The Dragonfly
4. Gambling Fever
5. Run To The West
6. Holy Knight
7. We Don’t Trust You
8. Cry Wolf
9. When Midnight Falls
10. Keep On Metal
11. Don’t Look Back
12. Rock Cliche

*Recorded over three different sessions in 1985
*LP limited to 500 copies, 400 in black and 100 in red vinyl

MILLENNIUM - Awakening



CD Keep On Metal Records (2017) KOMR01CD
CD Spiritual Beast (2018) IUCP-16283

1. False Reality
2. Rise Above
3. Searching
4. The Spell
5. Awakening
6. Lies All Lies
7. The Calling
8. Witch Hunt
9. When Mad Men Rule
10. Resolution Calls
11. Possessed

*Bonus tracks on the Spiritual Beast (Japan) CD:
12. Caught In A Warzone
13. The Devil Rides Out
14. We Don’t Trust You


A New World

CD Pure Steel Records (2019) PSRCD192

1. Give Me A Sign
2. World War 3
3. A New World
4. All Out War
5. King Of Kings
6. Assassin
7. Summon The Dragons
8. Kill Or Be Killed
9. Obsolete
10. Victory