Medusa Touch

Medusa Touch

Location: Edinburgh | Website: facebook

Line Up
Gordon (Gogsy) Sinclair (v,g) – also in Threats and Mooseknuckle
Nigel (Naked Heat Machine) Robinson (g) – also in Mooseknuckle and Jonestown Mind
Iain (Demi) Dempster (b) – also in Mooseknuckle, Anti Social, Lazer, and CaVa
Bruce McInnes (d) – also in Mooseknuckle, Jonestown Mind and 3 Wise Monkeys

Colin Milne (v,b)
John Snodgras (g)
Colin Stewart (g)
Joe Gardner (g)
Mike Murray (b)
Mikey Hunter (d)
Craig Robertson (d)
Lee (d)
John Allison (d)

– Not to be confused with the 2000’s band from Coventry
– Formed in 1983 after getting in touch via local press ads
– Been through several line-up changes but never really split, just paused playing

MEDUSA TOUCH - Terror Eyes The Anthology


Terror Eyes: The Anthology

CD Obscure Nwobhm Releases (2019) ONR013

1. Twice As Nice
2. Craze Amazing
3. Street Legal
4. Medusa Touch
5. Get Ready Babe
6. Man In Black
7. Chokin’ On Blood
8. Road To Freedom
9. Too Young
10. Terror Eyes
11. Crying
12. RBS
13. Chain Superior

*Limited to 500 copies
*All tracks recorded at different sessions from 1983 until 1986 except from tracks 12 and 13 which were recored in 2012.