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Line Up
T-Bone Rees (v) – also in Welcome
Paul Samson (g) – also in Samson
Steve Linton (g)
John McCoy (b) – also in The Drovers, Mamas Little Children, Cat Iron, Welcome, Curtis Maldoon, Scrapyard, ZZebra, Neo, Gillan, Mammoth, Samson, The Split Knee Loons, Belladonna, Sun Red Sun, Twin Dragons and Guy McCoy Torme
Ron Rebel Matthews (d) – also in Iron Maiden, Bernie Torme and Gibraltar
Colin Towns (k) – also in Ian Gillan Band, Gillan, Baron Rojo, Mask Orchestra and solo

Nikki Brooks (v) – also in Wild
Mark Keen (g) – also in Grip
Liam Genocky (d) – also in Adolphus Rebirth, Trevor Watts String Ensemble, Mike Heron, Gerry Rafferty, Kevin Ayers, ZZebra, Amalgam, Curtis Maldoon, Gillan, Bashung, Buick 6, Annie Whitehead, Steeleye Span and Paul Brady

– Formed after the split of Gillan in 1982 and lasted until around 1987 when McCoy formed Mammoth
– John McCoy’s musical journey begins at the age of six when he started playing cello. He also has a great history in studio production, producing records for Samson and UK Subs among others
– Colin Towns (k) is a well-known composer of TV and Film soundtracks. Some of his works include music for the films Slayground, The Puppet Masters, Space Truckers and Captives.

MCCOY - Oh Well!


Oh Well!

7″ Legacy Records (1983) LGY 9

1. Oh Well!
2. Because You Lied

*’Oh Well!’ is a cover from Fleetwood Mac



MCCOY - The Sound Of Thunder


The Sound Of Thunder

Legacy Records (1983) LGY17

1. The Sound Of Thunder
2. Because You Lied







12″ Legacy Records (1983) LLM109
12″ Legacy Records (1983) VLP-187
12″ Universe Productions (1983) UP 150

1. Oh Well! (Full Version)
2. Night Lights
3. The Sound Of Thunder
4. Temporary Threshold Shift
5. Because You Lied

*Also Known As “Mini Album”

MCCOY - Think Hard


Think Hard

LP Mausoleum Records (1984) SKULL 8373
LP Attic/Mausoleum (1984) MAUL-408
CASSETTE Attic/Mausoleum (1984) MAUL-408

1. Freemind
2. The Demon Rose
3. Loving Lies
4. Hell To Play
5. Heads Will Roll
6. Ride The Night
7. Fear Of The Morning
8. Jerusalem

MCCOY - Think Hard Again


Think Hard Again

CD Angel Air Records (1997) SJPCD001
CD ООО “Канкард” (2000) GIMFCD 01000110

1. Freemind
2. The Demon Rose
3. The Loving Lies
4. Hell To Play
5. Heads Will Roll
6. Ride The Night
7. Fear Of The Morning
8. Jerusalem
9. Oh Well!
10. Night Lights
11. The Sound Of Thunder
12. Temporary Threshold Shift
13. Because You Lied
14. Night Lights (Alternate Version)
15. Oh Well! (Single Version)

*Compilation of “Think Hard” (tracks 1-8) and “McCoy” (tracks 9-13) plus 2 bonus tracks
*The CD by ООО “Канкард” is a bootleg

MCCOY - Brainstorm



CD Angel Air Records (1998) SJPCD026

1. Dreaming Of The Dead
2. Heavy Metal Cowboy
3. On And On
4. Outrageous
5. I Know A Place
6. Don’t Walk Away
7. Save Me
8. Steamtrain
9. Bad Luck
10. Josephine
11. Tarot Cards
12. The Prophets Of Doom
13. The List / Zoomusic / The List Continues
14. Disillusioned
15. Hawaiians 2 – Electrolux 1

*Diverse album of what it looks like a one-off project in between other projects that was released and marketed under the McCoy discography. Personel involved: Al Romano lead vocals and guitars (ex-Belladonna) and drummer Michael Sciotto (From The Fire)

MCCOY - Live 1977


Live 1977

CD Angel Air Records (2000) SJPCD068

1. Are You Sitting Comfortably?
2. I’ll Be Round (Part One)
3. Will You Want Me?
4. I’ll Be Round (Part Two)
5. Big Brother
6. Telephone
7. Wrong Side Of Time
8. Loser
9. Six Foot Under
10. Cathedral
11. Love Lace Lady
12. The Shuffle
13. Nasty Dogs And Funk Kings
14. Big Boss Man
15. So Low
16. I Wish I Was

*Quite of a paradox to consider this as part of the McCoy discography since the recording occurred several years before John McCoy formed the band. The recording is from July 16th, 1977 with Paul Samson on vocals & guitars and Roger Hunt on drums. Apparently, one of the numerous projects of big John in the 1970s.