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Line Up
Nige Roberts (v)
Neil Buchanan (g)
Andy Charters (g)
Rob Brooks (b)
Ace Finchum (d) – also in Tigertailz

Paul Dale (v) – also in Paul Dale Band
Steve ‘Sav’ Pearse (v) – also in Savage Lucy and Highway Chile
Marc Railton (g) – also in Savage Lucy and Rough Justice
Mark Hay (g) – also in Madame
Steve Dinwoodie (b)
Lee Andrews (b)
Keith Knowles (d)
Gareth Webb (d)

– Formed in 1976 by Buchanan, Charters and Knowles and at one stage were named AC/DC
– A major force of the NWOBHM movement and sound. Marseille toured all over the UK with bands such as Nazareth, Ian Gillan, UFO, Judas Priest and Whitesnake. They were also the first NWOBHM band to tour the US supporting Nazareth and Blackfoot. Their tour started a few days earlier than Def Leppard (who supported Pat Travers)
– Guitarist Neil Buchanan presented “Art Attack!”, a popular children’s TV show after leaving the band in the 1980s
– In 2020, Buchanan had to release a press statement denying an internet rumour that he is ‘Banksy’, the famous graffiti artist
– Reformed in 2009 and played a few festivals and gigs and recorded an EP before activity stopped again in 2013.
– Steve Dinwoodie later ran his own ‘Raised On Radio’ promotion company
– Compilations featuring Marseille:
Metal Killers II” (LP/Cass, Kastle Killers, 1984) with ‘Too Late’
Metal Concussion” (LP/Cass, Bandit Records, 1985) with ‘Open Fire’
The Best Of British” (LP, Zebra / Cherry Red / Continental, 1985) with ‘Walking On A High Wire’
Metallergy” (LP, Bandit Records, 1986) with ‘Gate Crashing’
Rock Of Ages” (4CD, Sanctuary, 2002) with ‘Kites’
Lightnin’ To The Nations NWOBHM 25th Anniversary Collection” (3CD, Sanctuary, 2005) with ‘Rock You Tonight’
– Thanks to Stephen Allen for the research and work on this page!

MARSEILLE - Do It The French Way


Do It The French Way

12″ Varèse International (1977) VI 1001

1. Do It The French Way
2. Not Tonight Josephine
3. She Gives Me Hell








12″ Mountain (1978)

1. The French Way
2. Percival
3. Motherly Love
4. Not Tonight, Josephine



MARSEILLE - The French Way


The French Way

7″ Mountain (1978) BON 1
7″ Vertigo, Phonogram (1978) EC 6173 640, 6173 640
7″ Vertigo (1978) 6079 026

1. Do It The French Way
2. Cold Steel



MARSEILLE - Red, White And Slightly Blue


Red, White & Slightly Blue

LP Vertigo (1978) ‎9103209
LP Vertigo (1978) 6370 427
LP Mountain (1978) TOPC 5012

1. No Time To Lose
2. Can Can
3. She Gives Me Hell
4. I Felt No Pain
5. Dear Doctor
6. The French Way
7. Not Tonight Josephine
8. Men’s Lib
9. Motherly Love
10. Percival
11. Lolita

MARSEILLE - Kiss Like Rock & Roll


Kiss Like Rock & Roll

7″ Mountain (1978) TOP 39

1. Kiss Like Rock & Roll
2. Can Can

*Produced by Nazareth guitarist Manny Charlton




MARSEILLE - Marseille



LP RCA Victor (1979) AFL1-3631
LP Mountain (1979) TOPS 125
LP Vertigo (1979) 6370 431

1. Rock You Tonight
2. Armed And Ready
3. Over And Over
4. Lady Of The Night
5. Walking Thro’ The Night
6. Bring On The Dancing Girls
7. You’re A Woman
8. Don’t Wanna Hurt You
9. Some Like It Hot

* Some UK copies of this album came with a free copy of the ‘Red, White & Slightly Blue’ album
* The USA version RCA Victor AFL 1-3631 replaced ‘Bring On The Dancing Girls’ with ‘Kites’. The Canadian version with the same catalogue number did not.

MARSEILLE - Over And Over


Over And Over

7″ Mountain (1979) BON 002

1. Over And Over
2. You’re A Woman
3. Can Can




MARSEILLE - Bring On The Dancing Girls


Bring On The Dancing Girls

7″ Mountain (1979) TOP 49

1. Bring On The Dancing Girls
2. Rock You Tonight








7″ Mountain (1979) TOP 51

1. Kites
2. Some Like It Hot





MARSEILLE - Walking On A High Wire


Walking On A High Wire

7″ Ultra! Noise (1984) WALK1

1. Walking On A Highwire
2. Too Late

* This was released on both black and silver vinyl with the same catalogue number
* Briefly entered the UK official Top 100 singles


MARSEILLE - Touch the Night

Touch The Night

LP Ultra! Noise (1983) ULTRA 3
CDR Time Warp Records (2009)

1. Crazy
2. Walking On A High Wire
3. After The Fall
4. Touch The Night
5. Reach For The Night
6. Too Late
7. Gatecrashin’
8. Live Now Pay Later
9. Open Fire

* CDR on Time Warp Records is a bootleg

MARSEILLE - Rock You Tonight


Rock You Tonight – The Anthology

2CD Castle Music (2003) CMDDD749

1. The French Way
2. No Time To Lose
3. Dear Doctor
4. Can Can
5. Motherly Love
6. I Felt No Pain
7. Not Tonight Josephine
8. Men’s Lib
9. Percival
10. Kiss Like Rock’n’Roll
11. Cold Steel
12. Over And Over
13. Rock You Tonight
14. Lady Of The Night

1. Walkin’ Thro’ The Night
2. Armed And Ready
3. Bring On The Dancin’ Girls
4. Some Like It Hot
5. Kites
6. Crazy
7. Walkin’ On An High Wire
8. Touch The Night
9. Reach For The Night
10. After The Fall
11. Too Late
12. Gate Crashin’
13. Live Now Pay Later
14. Open Fire

CD1 Tracks 1-11 1978 (‘Red, White And Slightly Blue’ album except for ‘Lolita’ and ‘She Gives Me Hell’) plus single and B-side
CD1 Tracks 12-14 CD2 Tracks 1-4 1979 (‘Marseille’ album except for ‘You’re A Woman’ & ‘Don’t Wanna Hurt You’)
CD2 Track 5 1980 (single)
CD2 Tracks 6-14 1984 (‘Touch The Night’ album)

MARSEILLE - Fourplay



CD self-released (2009)

1. Are You Ready
2. You’re A Woman
3. Heat (Of The Night)
4. Some Like It Hot



MARSEILLE - Unfinished Business

Unfinished Business

CD self released (2009)
CD Gas Station Music (2010) GSM001

1. Unfinished Business
2. Rock Radio
3. Wanna Get High
4. Lost
5. Blown It
6. Raise Hell
7. I Believe
8. In For The Kill
9. Everyone Dies Young
10. The Game

* The Gas Station Music version changed the running order with ‘I Believe’ promoted to track 2 and tracks 8 and 9 swapped.