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Line Up
Jess Cox (v) – also in Tygers of Pan Tang, Tyger Tyger and solo
Dennis Stratton (g) – also in Harvest, Iron Maiden, Praying Mantis, Remus Down Boulevard and Wedgewood
Steve Mann (g) – also in Tytan, Liar, MSG, The Sweet, Ossy and Eloy
Rocky Newton (b) – also in The Next Band, Wild Fire, Def Leppard, MSG and Midnight
Frank Noon (d) – also in The Next Band, Wild Fire, Def Leppard, Roadhouse, Stampede, Waysted and Wild Horses

John Farlam (v)
Rueben Archer (v) – also in Lautrec, Stampede and Wild Horses
Chad Brown (aka Rob Brown) (v) – also in Preacher, The Sweet, Snowblind and Sabre
Keith Murrell (v) – also in Moontier, Airrace, Mama’s Boys and backing vocals for Cliff Richard
Clive Edwards (d) – also in Screaming Lord Sutch, Rococo, Neil Merryweather, Pat Travers Band, Filthy McNasty, Uli Roth’s Electric Sun, Wild Horses, Zaine Griff, Grand Prix, John Cale, Bernie Marsden’s SOS, Bronz, Laurence Archer, UFO, WireHead and X-UFO
Les Binks (d) – also in Eric Burdon, Judas Priest, Fancy, Tytan, Axis Point, The Shakers and Faintin’ Goats
Steve Hopgood (d) – also in Chinatown, Shy, Legion, Tank, Battlezone, Jagged Edge, Passion, Killers and Persian Risk
Dave Dufort (d) – also in Angel Witch, Deep Machine, E.F. Band, Tytan, Lionheart, Mike Oldfield, Epizootic, Kevin Ayers, Paper Blitz Issue, Screaming Lord Sutch, Phantasm, Troy, The Scenery and The Voice
Bob Jenkins (d) – also in Leo Sayer, Alphaville, Roger Chapman and in many others as session
Andy Beirne (d) – also in Grand Prix, Scarlet, Scorched Earth, Dirty Tricks and Max and The Broadway Choir
Phil Lanzon (k) – also in Steve Glen, GMT, Grand Prix, Grant & Forsyth, John Lawton & Steve Dunning, Mick Ronson, Chris Spedding, Sweet, Paddy Goes to Holyhead, Tarracco and Uriah Heep
Toby Sadler (k) – also in Samson, White Spirit, Airrace, Lisa Dominique, Panama, If Only, Fastway and Air Pavilion
Kevin Fitzpatrick (k) – also in The Geezinslaws, The Hollisters, Lost Weekend, Sonny Boy Terry, Stranger Lazy and The Spirit Of Smokie

– The line-up mentioned on top is the original line up of late 1980. Until 1986 when the whole thing folded there have been a total of 11 (!) different line-ups
– Jess Cox left the band after their first gig at The Marquee in January 1981, about three months after their formation. Second vocalist (Rueben Archer) lasted for one gig too.
– Supported Def Leppard on their 1981 British tour.
– The played The Reading Festival of 1981 with this line-up: Dennis Stratton (v,g), Steve Mann (g), Rocky Newton (b) and Les Binks (d)
– Can be found on “Heavy Metal Heroes Volume II” (LP, Heavy Metal Records, 1982) with ‘Lionheart’
– Reunited in 2016 with a line-up featuring vocalist Lee Small (Shy and Phenomena), Dennis Stratton (g), Steve Mann (g), Rocky Newton (b) and drummer Clive Edwards (ex-UFO and Wild Horses).

Demo(s) 1981

1. Piece Of The Action
2. Bad Time Girl
3. Lionheart
4. Fallen Hero (Everyman)
5. Stay With Me
6. The Devil In You
7. Changing Winds
8. Burning Fingers
9. Rocking For You (False Start)
10. Rocking For You
11. Sweet Little Rock’n’Roller

*Unreleased demo sessions from early 1981 featuring Jess Cox on vocals

LIONHEART - Die For Love


Die For Love

7″ Epic (1984) A5001

1. Die For Love
2. Dangerous Game





LIONHEART - Hot Tonight

Hot Tonight

LP Epic (1984) EPC 26214
LP CBS (1984) BFZ 39544
LP CBS (1984)28AP 2928 (Japan)
CASSETTE (1984) 40 26714
CD Sony (1992) SRCS 6245 (Japan)
CD Krescendo Records (2008) KRECD8
CD Rock Candy Records (2012) Candy151
CD Rubicon Music (2012) RBNCD-1509 (Japan)

1. Wait For The Night
2. Hot Tonight
3. Die For Love
4. Towers Of Silver
5. Don’t Look Back In Anger
6. Nightmare
7. Living In A Dream
8. Another Crazy Dream
9. Dangerous Game

*The CD re-release by Rubicon has the following bonus tracks:
10. Heartbeat Radio
11. You Can’t Buy A Dream
12. Lionheart

LIONHEART - Unearthed - Raiders Of The Lost Archives

Unearthed – Raiders Of The Lost Archives

2CD Canyon (1999) PCCY-01352

1. Lionheart
2. Car On The Hill
3. Dealer
4. Time For Love
5. Ace In The Hole
6. Don’t You Know What Love Is
7. It Matters To Me
8. Shooting All The Lights Out
9. The Lions Roar
10. Last Night
11. Do You Believe

1. Sweet Surrender
2. Place In Time
3. Heartbeat Radio
4. You Can’t Buy A Dream
5. Outrageous
6. Don’t Make A Fool Out Of Me
7. Angel Of Love
8. Missing You
9. You’re So Cold
10. Legend
11. If You Wanted To Kill Me
12. Don’t Stop Me Now
13. Every Dog Has His Day
14. I Will Love You
12. Give Me The Light
13. Prisoner
14. Don’t Hide The Feeling
15. Keepin’ Our Love Alive
16. Every Boy In Town

LIONHEART - Second Nature 5 track promo

Second Nature 5-track EP

CD Flying Vivaldi Records (2017)

1. Prelude
2. Give Me The Light
3. Angels With Dirty Faces
4. On Our Way
5. 30 Years

*Promotional teaser circulated at the Sweden Rock Festival 2017

LIONHEART - Second Nature

Second Nature

CD AOR Heaven (2017) AORH00153
CD King Records (2017) KICP-1854

1. Prelude
2. Give Me The Light
3. Don’t Pay The Ferryman
4. Angels With Dirty Faces
5. 30 Years
6. On Our Way
7. Second Nature
8. Prisoner
9. Every Boy In Town
10. Time Is Watching
11. Heartbeat Radio
12. Lionheart
13. Reprise

*Extra track for the Japanese edition: ‘Paperback Writer’
*Track #3 is a Chris de Burgh cover
*Russian bootleg of the AOR Heaven edition also in circulation