Location: Chester | Website: n/a

Line Up
Shaun Owens (v) – also in Night Prowler
Walley Rumsey (g) – also in Wolf
“Mogga” Morris (b)
Alan Ellis (d) – also in Rock Socks, Badger (1), Peacemaker, Wolf, Black Heart Winter, Black Ice, and Q-DOS.

Tom Bagley (b) – also in Black Heart Winter and Havoc
Gary Williams (d) – also in Colour Trip

– Evolved from Wolf when Ken Tunstall (v) left the band with Alan Ellis as the main singer
– Very active on stage playing 3-4 gigs per week creatting a strong following throughout the North West of England

KRUIZER - Suicide



CASSETTE Self-released (1985)

1. Borderline
2. Take The Strain
3. The Ballad Of Reg
4. Rain
5. Suicide

*Mainly sold at gigs



KRUIZER + WOLF - Echoes Of The Past


Echoes Of The Past

LP High Roller Records (2011) HRR 127

1. Wolf – See Them Running
2. Wolf – Creatures Of The Night
3. Wolf – California Rain
4. Wolf – Deathrace 2000
5. Kruizer – Borderline
6. Kruizer – Take The Strain
7. Kruizer – The Ballad Of Reg
8. Kruizer – Rain
9. Kruizer – Suicide

*Split LP compiling Kruizer’s aforementioned cassette, Wolf’s “See Them Running” 7″ and two more Wolf tracks
*Limited to 500 copies, 350 in black vinyl and 150 in blue/black blend vinyl