Location: Glasgow | Website: n/a

Line Up
Tam Toye (v,b)
Craig Ross (g)
Dave Grocott (g)
Jamie Cosgrove (d)


– The band has been around for many many years keeping a low profile and playing local gigs under many different line-ups
– The latest we know is that they recorded a few songs to be released in the form of an EP in 2010.
– Apart from the releases below there are reports of another 2 singles released by Knightrider. One in 1997 named “New Sensation” and another in 2001 called “One Night Stands”. However, we haven’t been able to double check this information for its validity thus we do not include them here. Any info is more than welcome.

Demo 1984

1. Knightrider
2. Extraterrestrial Girl
3. Mr. Big
4. Something In Return

KNIGHTRIDER - Shout Out Loud


Shout Out Loud

7″ Omega Records (1987) SRT7KS1299

1. Shout Out Loud
2. Extraterrestrial Girl

*Released without a picture sleeve