Location: Birmingham | Website: n/a

Line Up
Bary Thorne (v) – also in Express
Ian Hall (g)
Chris Clowsley (g) – also in Tanzam, Contraband and Darkside
Mark Fletcher (b) – also in Alistair Murphy and Half Life
Mick Suddens (d)

Gary Garner (v)
Pete Cook (g) – also in The Cards
Andrew Jenkins (b) – also in Express and Dante Fox
Ray Horton (d) – also in Express and Dante Fox

– Provided support for Magnum on their 1985 UK tour
– There have been reports that a second album was recorded sometime in 1986. However, it remains unreleased.
– Gary Garner (v) is having a career in Production and Tour management for acts such as The Wildhearts, Napalm Death, Marilyn Manson, Slayer, Slipknot and others

KARRIER - I'm Back

I’m Back

7″ Unit Records (1984) TRANS 101
12″ Unit Records (1984) 12 TRA 101

1. I’m Back
2. Dreaming
3. Way Beyond The Night

*Not known to have a picture sleeve
*The track ‘Dreaming’ appears only on the 12″



KARRIER - Way Beyond The Night


Way Beyond The Night

LP Unit Records (1985) TRA LP2001
LP Cult Metal Classics (2018) CULTMETALKRRLP / UP071
CD Cult Metal Classics (2017) CULTMETALKRRCD

1. I’m Back
2. Too Late For Love
3. Too Many Years
4. Hard Love
5. Summer
6. Running For Your Love
7. Dreaming
8. Going To Rock Tonight
9. The Night
10. Way Beyond The Night

*LP by Cult Metal Classics limited to 300 copies: 200 in black and 100 in red vinyl. Bonus tracks on all Cult Metal Classics re-releases:
10. Hard Love (Demo EP)
11. Run For Your Life (Demo EP)
12. Summer (Demo EP)
13. Too Late For Love (Demo EP)
14. Poor Little Rich Girl
15. Endless Shadow

KARRIER - Poor Little Rich Girl


Poor Little Rich Girl

7″ Status Records (1986) JEMS 101

1. Poor Little Rich Girl
2. Endless Shadow

*No picture sleeve. Marked “For Promotional Use”