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Line Up
Dean Salonga (v)
Dave Cooke (g) – also in Strategy, N.E.U.K., Adrenalin Kick and Wayward Angel
Aldie Chalmers (aka Quirk) (g)
Sandy Chalmers (aka El Sid) (b)
Ron Emms (d) – also in Strategy and English Rogues
Paul Cooke (d) – also in Van Damne and Empire

– Not much is known about Jeddah. If you got any information that could be added on this page please drop us a line.

JEDDAH - Eleanor Rigby


Eleanor Rigby

7″ Death Records (1983) RIP 2001

1. Eleanor Rigby
2. Ghosts (Never Leave You Behind)

*Released without a sleeve but with a nice poster