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Line Up
Bob Hamilton (v) – also in Necromancer, Garbo, Vis a Vis, Saturday Street and Backbeat
Paul Smith (g)
Rick Gay (g) – also in Garbo
Ross Landau (b) – also in Bordello
Drew Steele (aka Andi Steele) (d) – also in Garbo, Necromancer and Vis a Vis

– See also Garbo
– Bassist Ross Landau is currently an associated Lecturer at the University of Hertfordshire. He has a long and successfull professional career in recording, producing, promoting and co-ordinating several artists such as Steve Marriot, Ian Hunter and Jerry Lee Lewis amongst others. According to his Linkedin profile he is credited on approximately 120 albums and several TV and Film documentaries. He was also running the British Steel label.
– Both tracks of their 7″ can be found on the compilation “NWOBHM Metal Rarities Volume 2” (CD, British Steel, 1996)

JANINE - Crazy For You


Crazy On You

7″ Stiletto (1981) JAN 001

1. Crazy On You
2. Candy