Incubus (2)


Incubus Exeter

Location: Exeter | Website: n/a

Line Up
Steve Richardson (v)
Conrad Pizey (g) – also in Ego Rising
Jerry Pett (g)
Ian Thompson (Gnasher) (b) – also in Ego Rising, Fast Breeder, Vortex and The Chillun
Tim Irons (d)

Angus Russe (g) – also in The Chillun and Stick
Barry Perrin (d)

– Formed by students at Exeter university and had minor success over college and university campuses in the South West of England around the years 1982-1984
– Officially disbanded in 1986. A reunion gig was held one year later.
– Appeared on the compilation “It’s Unheard Of!” (LP, Sane Records, 1984) with two tracks: ‘Lost Soul’ and ‘Way Of The World’.
– ‘Lost Soul’ made it to #2 in the Heavy Metal Chart of Sounds magazine in 1982

Demo 1982

1. Lost Soul
2. The Ballad Of Clint Panatella
3. Way Of The World

*Recorded at SAM studios in Bristol

Demo 1985

1. Battlecries
2. I Can’t Stop
3. Losing Hold
4. Lost Soul

*Engineered and produced by Pete Banks (ex-Yes guitarist)

INCUBUS - Lost Souls


Lost Souls

CD Obscure Nwobhm Releases (2020) ONR020

1. Lost Soul
2. The Ballad Of Clint Panatella
3. Way Of The World
4. Battlecries
5. I Can’t Stop
6. Losing Hold
7. Lost Soul
8. Sleighride
9. Lost Soul
10. Losing Hold
11. Broken Promises
12. Battlecries
13. Tell Me Who
14. Wishing Well
15. So Long
16. Waiting For Love

*Limited to 500 copies. Tracks 1-7 are the two Demo studio recordings. Tracks 8-16 recorded live at Exeter University