Incubus (1)

Location: Durham | Website: n/a

Line Up
David Crawford (v,g)
Ken Crawford (g)
Colin Evans (b)
Steve Crawford (d)

– Around 1985 there were rumours that a second album called “Seance” was set for release but this never happened. One can assume that possibly such an album might have been recorded and still remains hidden somewhere on some tape.
– Appeared on the compilations:
Pure Overkill” (LP, Guardian Records n’ Tapes, 1983) with ‘Runnin’ For You’ and ‘Caught Red Handed’
Hell Has Broken Loose – Heavy Metal ’85” (LP, Bronze/Polygram, 1985) with ‘To The Devil A Daughter’

INCUBUS - To The Devil A Daughter


To The Devil A Daughter

LP Guardian Records n’ Tapes (1984) GRC 2165
CD Guardian Records (2007)
CD Barbarian Records (2022) BRBRN07

1. She Laid Him Down
2. Highway To Hell
3. Life Beyond The Grave
4. Tight Fisted
5. To The Devil A Daughter
6. Helen Of Troy
7. Night Of Vengeance
8. You’ve Taken My Love
9. Sophisticated Woman
10. Night Fever
11. Ain’t Runnin’ For You (on the CD only)
12. Caught Red Handed (on the CD only)

*As of today, the album hasn’t been officially re-released on CD or even vinyl. Both afforementioned CD versions are bootlegs