Idol Rich

Idol Rich

Location: Gloucester | Website: n/a

Line Up
Stuart John Neale (aka Snake) (v) – also in Tobruk, The Wildhearts, The 4teens and Stranger
Nick Burr (g) – also in Bad Back Band, Friction, Battlezone, Killers, Legion, Lionsheart, Midnight Blue, Passion and Tyrant
Tim Jones (g) – also in Hooker, Passion and Wizards Of Oz
Nick Hughes (b) – also in Persian Risk and Wizards of Oz
Eddie Fincher (d) – also in Tobruk, No Sweat, Jagged Edge and Midnight Blue

Mark Thompson-Smith (v) – also in Big Life, Praying Mantis, After Hours, Flight 19 and Touche
Lee Doherty (v) – also in Redline, Shock Promise and Love & War
Andy Norton (v) – also in Hooker and Nilon Bombers
Geoff Curtis (b) – also in Grim Reaper and Lorien
Mike Fisher (d)

– Recorded a Friday Rock Show (broadcasted on August 14th, 1987) with the tracks: ‘Dirty Dreams’, ‘L.O.U’, ‘First Time’, and ‘Just When I Thought I Had It All’
– Their last singer, Stuart John Neale (Snake) passed away on December 20th, 2006 at the age of 43
– The two DVD-r releases mentioned below are transfers from video tapes. They were filmed, transferred to DVD and released by a close friend of the band. These DVDs were also sold on ebay and it is not known how many copies were circulated.

IDOL RICH - Working Girls


Working Girls

12″ Stax Management (1985) SRT SKL 624
CD No Remorse (2017) 0744430521956

1. Dirty Dreams
2. Paint Your Face
3. Wind Up
4. City Streets

*Vinyl 12″ self-released limited to 1000 copies
*CD by No Remorse with the following bonus tracks:
5. Fire Fire
6. All For Your Love
7. Into The Sky
8. One Step
9. Just When I Though

CASSETTE self-released (1986)

1. High Heaven
2. Boys Are Missing Out
3. All For Your Love
4. Without Love
5. Fire Fire

*Official release sold by the band – title is uknown

IDOL RICH - Live At The Roundabout


Live At The Roundabout

DVD-r MJI Production (200?)

1. One Night
2. First Time
3. Born too Late
4. I Owe You
5. Back Down to Zero
6. Jackie
7. City Streets
8. Dirty Dreams
9. Action
10. Falling
11. Paridise

*Video recording of one of their last gigs in 1988. The line up was Snake (v), Nick Burr (g), Tim Jones (g), Nick Hughes (b) and Eddie Fincher (d)

IDOL RICH - Live At Cheltenham Town Hall


Live At Cheltenham Town Hall

DVD-r MJI Production (200?)

1. One Night
2. City Streets
3. Fire Fire
4. Working Girls
5. Paint Your Face
6. Boys Are Missing Out
7. Dirty Dreams

*Filmed in 1987 or 1988 and the line up was Mark Thompson Smith (v), Nick Burr (g), Tim Jones (g), Nick Hughes (b) and Mike Curtis (d)