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Line Up
Phil Sheldon (v)
Lindon Ryles (g)
Dave Deakin (b)
Paddy O’Rourke (d)
Paul Farrington (k) – also in Demon and Reincarnate

– Formed in 1978 under the moniker Cheater. Changed it to Harrier in 1983 to avoid confusion with the Australian band Cheetah
– Played their last gig in 1985 before calling it quits
– Featured on the very rare compilation “To Boldly Go…” (LP, Rats Kart Records, 1986) with the track ‘Leave Me Now’. The same LP has another of their songs, ‘Kill Two Birds’ which is credited as Cheater
– Reunited in 2009 for a one-off charity gig

Sub Sonic Studio Tapes Demo 1982

1. Wind Me Up
2. Powerplan
3. Angel Of The Nighttime
4. You’re A Liar
5. Out In The Street
6. Nickels And Dimes

HARRIER - Out On The Street


Out On The Street

12″ Black Horse Records (1984) HARR 1T
7″ Black Horse Records (1984) HARR 1
CD-r Harrit2009 (2009)

1. Out On The Street
2. Nickels And Dimes
3. Shine On

*CD-r version is remixed and remastered by bassist Dave Deakin. Comes in pro-printed disc in soft digipack
*The 7″ contains only the first two tracks and does not have a picture sleeve

HARRIER - Live At Leek


Live At Leek

CD-r Self-released (2009)

1. Take My Chances
2. Killing 2 Birds
3. No Losing You
4. I’M Alright
5. Won’t Be The Loser
6. Nickels And Dimes
7. Angel Of The Night Time
8. Instrumental
9. Out On The Street
10. Take My Heart
11. You’ Re A Liar
12. Shine On

*Documenting the band’s one-off Reunion gig. Limited to 150 numbered copies