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Line Up
Brian Hodgson (v,g) – also in Plateau, Judas, Flight, Bitter Harvest, Destroyer and Hot Property
Buzz Elliot (g) – also in Eight Hertz and Slagbank
Steve Archer (b) – also in Destroyer
Tony Steel (d) – also in Slagbank

Graham Cayton (v)
Baz Ellwood (d) – also in Judas
Frank Hall (d) – also in Plateau, Necromandus, Nerves and Gerry Gillard
Maurice Reay (d)
Mike Thorburn (d) – also in Black Axe and Olly Allcock Band
Tyrone Larmour (d)
David Taylor (k)

– Hammerhead came to life around 1977 from the ashes of local bands Bitter Harvest, Judas and Eight Hertz.
– Active until 1986. For the next 19 years they only played a few low profile local gigs and got together in 1995/6 for a quick recording session. Reformed in 2005.
– Guitarist Buzz Elliot has circulated for a while a DVD-r with a live concert from 1984
– Some demo recordings of unreleased material are in existance
– Appeared on the compilation “It’s Unheard Of!” (LP, Sane Records, 1984) with ‘Lochinvar’

Demo 1978

1. Lonely Man
2. Devils Soldier
3. Lochinvar
4. Second Best – (BJ Special)
5. I’ll Be Back
6. Crying As I Fall

HAMMERHEAD - Time Will Tell


Time Will Tell

7″ Linden Sounds (1981) LS 009
7″ Phoenix Records (2003) NWOBHM 7028

1. Time Will Tell
2. Lonely Man

*Original Linden Sounds pressing limited to 1000 copies
*The Phoenix Records vinyl is a bootleg limited to 250 copies and comes in blue vinyl


Demo 1984

1. Time Will Tell
2. Ton Of Bricks
3. Lonely Man
4. Lochinvar
5. Feel I’m Fallin’
6. I’ll Be Back
7. Crying As I Fall
8. Race With The Devil

*The first 3 tracks are studio recordings the rest recorded live

HAMMERHEAD - Will To Survive CD

Cult Metal Classics CD

HAMMERHEAD - Will To Survive LP

High Roller Records LP

Will To Survive

CD Cult Metal Classics (2005) CULTMETAL025
LP High Roller Records (2007) HRR 020

1. Ton Of Bricks
2. Don’t Look Down
3. Crying As I Fall
4. Bj Special
5. Will To Survive
6. Time Will Tell
7. Lonely Man
8. Heavy Handed
9. Lochinvar
10. Mushroom & Beer

*Track 10 on the LP only
*LP limited to 500 copies in orange vinyl
*CD also includes a live video from 1984 with the track ‘Lochinvar’

HAMMERHEAD - Headonizm



LP High Roller Records (2005) HRR 006

1. I’ll Be Back
2. Devils Soldier
3. Mushrooms And Beer
4. Death Lesson
5. Victim
6. Feel I’m Fallin’

*New recordings of old compositions – Limited to 500 copies

HAMMERHEAD - The Sin Eater


The Sin Eater

LP High Roller Records (2015) HRR 434
CD High Roller Records (2015) HRR 434 CD

1. Angels Fall
2. The Sin Eater
3. Faithless
4. Behind Your Eyes
5. Raindancer
6. Closer To The Grave
7. Psilocybin

*LP limited to 500 copies, 200 in black vinyl and 300 in clear vinyl

HAMMERHEAD - Live At Brofest


Live At Brofest

7″ High Roller Records (2016) HRR 466

1. Angel’s Fall
2. Time Will Tell

*Recorded at Brofest 2015. Limited to 500 copies: 250 in black and 250 in red vinyl. The red vinyl pressing was only available as a free gift at the Brofest 2016