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Line Up
Marty Wilkinson (v,k) – also in Holland and Outrageous Wallpaper
Bob Henman (g)  – also in Holland
Arthur Fixter (g)
Brian Wilson (b)
Marty Day (d)  – also in Holland and Axis

Kenny Nicholson (g) – also in Millenium, Black Rose, Fast Kutz, Holland and Outrageous Wallpaper
Graeme Hutchinson (b) – also in Holland
Arty Fixter (g)

– Hammer were known as Holland since 1982. Changed to “Hammer” due to legal problems over the rights to the moniker.
– Disbaned in 1987 with most members staying totally underground playing the pub circuit with covers bands

Demo 1985

1. Gone In the Night
2. Don’t Stop (The Music)
3. Move It Up

*Recorded at Teesbeat Studios

Demo 1985

1. Check
2. Shoot
3. Cats & Rats

*Recorded at Teesbeat Studios

HAMMER - Contract With Hell


Contract With Hell

LP Ebony (1985) EBON 29
CD Old Metal Records (2011) OMR 56

1. Caution To The Wind
2. Try It
3. Hey You
4. Contract With Hell
5. Hard Hittin’ Woman
6. Satellite
7. Prayer Of A Soldier
8. Across The Line
9. Hard Hittin’ Woman (82 Demo)

*’Hard Hittin’ Woman’ is bonus on the CD released by Old Metal Records. It is originally a Holland song.
*The Old Metal Records CD is limited to 1000 copies
*There is also a bootleg CD circulating with the Ebony logo

Demo 1986

1. Castaway
2. Why Should Yesterday Matter