Gypsy Roadhog

Location: Leyland | Website: n/a

Line Up
Keith Sumner (v)
Andy Sutton (g)
Chris Rimmer (g)
Danny Clarke (b) – also in Damacles
Don Threlfall (d) – also in Damacles

– Must have taken their name from the Slade song
– They are mentioned on Sounds magazine (June 18, 1983) “Gypsy Roadhog, another Leyland heavy rock band (is it something in the water or just a limitless supply of flared jeans going cheap?) play dates at;
Blackpool GPO club June 19
Leyland Fox Lane Cricket Club 24”

GYPSY ROADHOG - Double Dealer


Double Dealer

CASSETTE self-released (1983)

1. Double Dealer (Pt.1)
2. For Services Rendered
3. Gypsy Roadhog
4. Things That Change
5. The Tides Of Time
6. Sink Or Swim
7. Allegretto
8. Rock You Down
9. Lonely Man
10. Got To See You
11. For You
12. Double Dealer