Ground Attack

Ground Attack

Location: Stevenage | Website: n/a

Line Up
Tom Atkinson (v,g) – also in Heavy Duty and Hello
Corrie Shiells (b)
Matt Alan (d)

Mel Collins (b)
Lee Birmingham (b)
Tab Hunter (d)
Chas Stutley (d)

– Active during 1979-1982
– Reformed a few times with different members
– In June 17, 2006 they managed to re-create the photo of the crowd outside The Red Lion in Stevenage Old Town. Check the gallery below
– Appeared on the compilations:
Total Metal Attack” (CD, Old School Records, 2004) with ‘Motorbike Song’
Live To Ride – 14 Obscure N.W.O.B.H.M 1977-82 Gems” (LP, Heavy Metal Records, 2009) with ‘Red Lion’

Demo 1979

1. Watch Me
2. Motorbike Song
3. Mighty Fine Year
4. Flying Time

*According to the band’s old site “…the master tape was lost straight after the recording of it…The tapes were never seen again until over twenty years later they mysteriously appeared through Tom’s letter box!”



Red Lion

7″ self-released (1981) GAR 001

1. Red Lion
2. Every Mother’s Son

*Named after the local pub they used to play on a regular basis







CD Self-released (2004) GaR003

1. Out Of Control
2. Red Lion
3. Mighty Fine Year
4. Whiskey & Coke
5. Movin’ On
6. Every Mothers’ Son
7. Watch Me
8. She’s So Cool
9. Dont Give A Damn

*Re-released in 2010 as a digital download only (available from itunes, Amazon etc) with a new title “Out Of Control” but with the exact same tracklisting.