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Line Up
Karl Foster (v,g,k) – also in Amadeus
Andy French (g,b) – also in Amadeus, The Hollowkind and Dissimulator
Mark Jones (b) – also in Buzzard, Not Guilty, The Anthony Small Band, and The Hollowkind
Richard Musgrave (d) – also in Amadeus, Presence, The Weather Box, The Bewlay Brothers, Dog Kennel Hill, Queensville Wakes, The Red Room and Better Than Dust

Dave Hickman (d) – also in Nitelife, The Amazing Green Paradox and The Hollowkind

– Karl Foster works as a journalist/writer for several publications including Total Guitar and Digital Photographer.
– Could be considered as one of the forefathers of Folk Metal due to the strong Folk element of their later works

Demo 1983

1. Warlord
2. The Preacher

GOLGOTHA - After the Curfew


After The Curfew

CASSETTE self-released (1984) GOTH 001

1. Derring-Do
2. Moondog
3. Dangerous Games
4. Leather Julie



GOLGOTHA - Dangerous Games


Dangerous Games

7″ Goth Records (1984) GOTH 002

1. Dangerous Games
2. Old England’s Green
3. Air
4. The Great Divide

*Never had a picture sleeve


GOLGOTHA - Unmaker Of Worlds


Unmaker Of Worlds

LP Communique Records (1990) CMGLP 003
CD Communique Records (1990) CMGCD 003
CD Semaphore (1991) 20112
CD Progressive International (1992) PRO 027

1. Counter State Directive
2. Unmaker Of Worlds
3. Another Sunny Christmas
4. Raining On Still Waters

GOLGOTHA - Symphony In Extremis


Symphony In Extremis

CD Communique Records / Progressive International (1993) CMGCD 009 / PRO 035

1. Symphony In Extremis / To Will One Thing
2. Holocaust In A Minor / The Burning
3. The Cunning Of Reason / The Thin Blue Line
4. Enter The Nightmare / Silence Is Your Saviour