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Line Up
Perry Hodder (v,g) – also in Bitches Sin
Pete Adams (g)
Glen Milligan (b)
Mike Henderson (d)

Alan Cockburn (v) – also in Bitches Sin

– Active during the years 1981-1984
– Recorded a 3-track 12″ with the title ‘You Won’t Catch Me’ that was meant to be pressed and released in 1983. However, plans about it folded and it is believed that only one copy of an acetate exists.
– Appeared on:
60 Minutes Plus Heavy Metal Compilation” (CASSETTE, Neat Records, 1982) with the track ‘Give Me Your Love’
Metal Minded” (CD, Prism, 1988) with ‘Give Me Your Love’ again

Demo 1982

1. No Way Out
2. Everybody Needs a Little Love
3. Give Me Your Love
4. Evil Woman

GOLDSMITH - Life Is Killing Me!

Life Is Killing Me!

7″ Bedlam Records (1982) BLM 001
7″ Phoenix Records (2003) NWOBHM 7019

1. Life Is Killing Me
2. Music Man

*Pressed in 2000 copies, half of them circulated with picture sleeve
*The Phoenix Records edition is a bootleg pressed in yellow vinyl and is limited to 250 hand numbered copies



GOLDSMITH - Life Is Killing Me 20th Anniversary Special Edition

CD cover

GOLDSMITH - Life Is Killing Me High Roller

LP Cover


Life Is Killing Me – 20th Anniversary Edition

CD Obscure NWOBHM Releases (2004) ONR002
LP High Roller Records (2015) HRR 407

1. Life Is Killing Me
2. Please Don’t
3. You Won’t Catch Me
4. Fly Away
5. Music Man
6. All I Want
7. Pretty Dancer
8. No Way Out
9. Everybody Needs It
10. Give Me Your Love
11. Evil Woman

*CD limited to 1000 copies
*LP limited to 500 copies: 150 in Black and 350 in Gold colored vinyl
*Tracks 3, 4 and 11 from the unreleased 12″