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Location: London | Website: n/a

Line Up
Paul Di’Anno (v) – also in Iron Maiden, Di’Anno, Battlezone, Killers, Praying Mantis, The Almighty Inbredz, The Pedophiles and RockFellas
Pete Willis (g) – also in Def Leppard
Janick Gers (g) – also in Gillan, Iron Maiden, White Spirit and Bruce Dickinson
Neil Murray (b) – also in  Empire, Rondinelli, Black Sabbath, Bow Wow, Tony Martin, Badlands, Brian May, Fastway, Whitesnake, Gary Moore, Michael Schenker Group and many many more

– Short lived project that was put together by producer Jonathan King. It was quite an ambitious project but quickly folded when the 12″ received bad reviews and failed to chart

GOGMAGOG - I Will Be There


I Will Be There

12″ Food For Thought (1985) YUMT 109

1. I Will Be There
2. Living In A Fucking Time Warp
3. It’s Illegal, It’s Immoral, It’s Unhealthy, But It’s Fun

*’I Will Be There’ is a cover by Russ Ballard. The other two tracks were written by Jonathan King