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Line Up
Mick Boyle (v) – also in The Downtown Flyers, Heaven and Wildcat
Archie Dickson (g) – also in Wildcat
Neil Russell (b) – also in Wildcat
Paul McManus (d)

Joe Kilna (d) – also in Wildcat

– Provided support for Nazareth, Pallas and Uriah Heep
– Keyboard player Don Airey (Rainbow, Cozy Powell, MSG, Ozzy Osbourne, Gary Moore, Deep Purple etc) was featured on Glasgow’s album “Zero Four One”
– Notable compilation appearances:
The Flame Burns On – The Best Of Neat Records” (2CD, Sanctuary, 2002) with ‘Stranded’
The Neat Singles Collection Volume Two” (2CD, Sanctuary, 2002) with ‘Stranded’ again and ‘Heart Of The Night’

GLASGOW - Demo 1983


Demo 1983

1. Shanan
2. Heat Of The Night
3. Shine On Me
4. I Don’t Want You Anymore
5. Goodbye
6. All I Want Is Love



GLASGOW - Miles Better


Miles Better

12″ Clyde Records (1984) CLY 001

1. Under The Lights
2. Searching For Glory
3. After Midnight

*Also known as “Under The Lights”
*The motto “Glasgow’s miles better” was used at the time in a campaign to promote the city of Glasgow as a tourist destination


GLASGOW - Stranded




7″ Neat Records (1984) NEAT 40

1. Stranded
2. Heat Of The Night




GLASGOW - Zero Four One

UK edition

GLASGOW - Zero Four One Japanese CD

Japanese CD

Zero Four One

LP Sonet (1987) 041
CD Sonet (1987) SNTCD 041
CD Sonet (1988) 32XB-321 (Japan)
CASSETEE Possum Records (1987) VPK1 6841 (Australia)

1. We Will Rock
2. Secrets In The Dark
3. Back On The Run
4. My Heart Is Running With The Night
5. Meet Me Halfway
6. Under The Lights
7. No More Lonely Nights
8. Breakout

*The album was named after the Glasgow telephone dialing code 041 (now this code is 0141)
*At least two bootlegs in circulation, one Greek (with matrix: GLASGOW) and one Russian

GLASGOW - Secrets In The Dark

UK edition

GLASGOW - Secrets In The Dark Japanese

Japanese edition

Secrets In The Dark

7″ Zero (1987) 0417
7″ Sonet (1987) ALDJ-110 (Japan)

1. Secrets In The Dark
2. Meet Me Halfway

GLASGOW - Will You Be Mine



Will You Be Mine

7″ Zero (1987) 041-9

1. Will You Be Mine
2. We Will Rock