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Line Up
Phil Lewis (v) – also in Soldier, Torme, New Torpedos, Liberators, The London Cowboys, Airrace, Filthy Lucre and L.A. Guns
Gerry Laffy (g) – also in London Cowboys, Sheer Greed, John Taylor, Ultravox and solo
Phil Collen (g) – also in Cybernauts, Lucy, Tush, Dumb Blondes, BB Steal, Man-Raze and Def Leppard
Simon Laffy (b) – also in Pearl Avenue, Hard Rain, Wild Frontiers, Sheer Greed and Man-Raze
Bryson Graham (d) – also in Mainhorse Airline, Alvin Lee, Spooky Tooth, Zahara and Neo

Pete Bonas (g)
Mark Megary (b)
Dave Gaynor (d)
Pete Barnacle (d) – also in  Gillan, Broken Home, Spear of Destiny, Theatre of Hate, Yngwie Malmsteen (live only), Sheer Greed and Soldiers of Fortune

– Their history begins circa 1978 in Amsterdam with Philip Lewis (v) and Gerry Laffy (g). Moving back to London they were joined by Phil Collen and recruited Gerry’s brother, Simon on bass and Dave Gaynor on drums. After just one single and one gig Girl got raving reviews from the majority of the British music press!
– Nearly all members of Girl have a rich history in several different and diverse music-related and other projects. Checking Wikipedia will give you interesting details
– Appeared on the VHS compilation “The Metal Edge” with ‘Hollywood Tease’ and ‘Thru The Twilite’
– Interesting compilation appearances of their hit ‘Hollywood Tease’
Metal Treasures And Vinyl Heavies” (LP, Action Replay Records, 1984)
Lightnin’ To The Nations NWOBHM 25th Anniversary Collection” (3CD, Sanctuary, 2005)

GIRL - My Number

p/s cover

GIRL - My Number clear vinyl

clear vinyl

My Number

7″ Jet Records (1979) JET 159
7″ Jet Records (1979) JET 159 (Clear vinyl)

1. My Number
2. Take Me Dancing

*The clear vinyl edition has the same track on both sides. It was selling at 55p and entered the Sounds Heavy Metal charts very quick

GIRL - The Single


The Single

7″ Jet Records (1980) JET 169

1. Do You Love Me
2. Strawberries

*’Do You Love Me’ is a Kiss cover




GIRL - Sheer Greed


Sheer Greed

LP Jet Records (1980) JET LP 224 (UK)
LP Jet Records (1980) JET LP 224 (Netherlands)
LP Jet Records (1980) 25AP 1770 (Japan)
LP Jet Records (1980) NJZ 36490 (USA)
LP Earmark (2001) 41039
LP Tiger Bay (2019) TB6355
CD Jet Records (1989) CDJET224
CD Jet Records (1994) JETCD 1009
CD Loudwoof (1998) CRCL-4502 (Japan)
CD Receiver Records (1999) RRCD 269
CD Rock Candy Records (2016)? CANDY307
CD Wasabi Records (2016) WSBAC-0042 (Japan)

1. Hollywood Tease
2. The Things You Say
3. Lovely Lorriane
4. Strawberry
5. Little Miss Ann
6. Doctor Doctor
7. Do You Love Me
8. Take Me Dancing
9. Whats Up
10. Passing Clouds
11. My Number
12. Heartbreak America

*The Earmark LP edition comes with a bonus one-sided clear 7″ with ‘My Number’ almost identical to the single from 1979
*Bonus tracks on the 2016 CDs by Rock Candy and Wasabi:
13. You Really Got Me
14. Love Is A Game
*Russian bootleg CD also in circulation. It replicates the 1989 Jet release


GIRL - Hollywood Tease

UK edition

GIRL - Hollywood Tease (Japanese)

Japanese edition

Hollywood Tease

7″ Jet Records (1980) JET 176
7″ Jet Records (1980) 06SP455 (Japan)

1. Hollywood Tease
2. You Really Got Me
3. My Number

*’You Really Got Me’ is The Kinks anthem and is not included on the Japanese edition

GIRL - Heartbreak America


Heartbreak America

7″ Jet Records (1980) 06SP 481

1. Heartbreak America
2. The Things You Say

*Japanese single




GIRL - Love Is A Game white single

UK white single

GIRL - Love Is A Game Japan Single

Japanese edition

Love Is A Game

7″ Jet Records (1980) JET 191
7″ Jet Records (1980) 07SP 508 (Japan)
10″ Jet Records (1980) 10 191

1. Love Is A Game
2. Little Miss Ann

*White vinyl for the 10″ and the UK 7″

GIRL - Thru The Twilite


Thru The Twilite

7″ Picture Disc Jet Records (1981) JET 7014
7″ Jet Records (1981) JET 7014

1. Thru The Twilite
2. Mckitty’s Back

*The second 7″ is a promo disc in normal black vinyl without picture sleeve



GIRL - Wasted Youth


Wasted Youth

LP Jet Records (1981) ARZ 37723 (USA)
LP Jet Records (1982) JET LP 238 (UK)
LP Jet Records (1982) JET LP 238 (Netherlands)
LP Jet Records (1982) JZ 37723 (Canada)
LP Jet Records (1982) 25AP 2297 (Japan)
CD Jet Records (1989) CDJET238
CD Jet Records (1994) JETCD 1010
CD Jet Records (1998) CRCL-4503 (Japan)
CD Receiver Records (1999) RRCD 268
2CD Rock Candy Records (2016) CANDY308
CD Wasabi Records (2016) WSBAC-0043 (Japan)

1. Thru The Twilite
2. Old Dogs
3. Ice In The Blood
4. Wasted Youth
5. Standard Romance
6. Nice’n’Nasty
7. My Citty’s Back
8. 19
9. Overnight Angels
10. Sweet Kids

bonus tracks on the 1989 CD release
11. My Number
12. Heartbreak America

*The Rock Candy 2CD 2016 release includes the entire “Live At The Marquee” album as a bonus disc
*The Wasabi Records 2016 release (Japan) is a Blu-spec CD with miniature LP cardboard sleeve and OBI. Also includes 10 bonus tracks from the “Live At The Marquee” album
*Russian bootleg CD also in circulation. It replicates the Jet Records CD without the extra tracks

GIRL - Old Dogs


Old Dogs

7″ Jet Records (1982) JET 7019

1. Old Dogs
2. Passing Clouds





GIRL - Killing Time


Killing Time

CD Loudwoof (1998) CRCL-4504

1. Juliet
2. Nut Bush City Limits
3. Mad For It
4. White Prophet
5. Green Light
6. This Town
7. Aeroplane Food
8. Make It Medical
9. Nothing But The Night
10. Big Night Out
11. I Got Love
12. Lucky
13. Killing Time
14. Naughty Boy
15. King Rat
16. Mogal
17. Love Is A Game
18. Black Max
19. The Sound Of Cars
20. You Really Got Me

*Japanese pressing

GIRL - Live At The Marquee


Live At The Marquee

CD Receiver Records (2001) RRCD 298

1. Ice In The Blood
2. Icey Blue
3. Mad For It
4. Overnight Angels
5. Old Dogs
6. Big Night
7. Sweet Kids
8. Wasted Youth
9. Nice & Nasty
10. My Number
11. Standard Romance
12. Thru The Twilite

*Recorded 23 October 1981

GIRL - Live At The Exposition Hall, Osaka, Japan


Live At The Exposition Hall, Osaka, Japan

CD Receiver Records (2001) RRCD 314

1. Wasted Youth
2. Make It Medical
3. My Number
4. Heartbreak America
5. Little Miss Anne
6. Ice In The Blood
7. Family At War
8. Mad For It
9. Tush
10. Old Dogs
11. Strawberries
12. Standard Romance
13. Passing Clouds
14. Nineteen
15. Overnight Angels
16. Hollywood Tease
17. This Town

*Recorded in 1982

GIRL - My Number - The Anthology


My Number – The Anthology

2CD Sanctuary (2001) CMDDD363

*Tracks 11-16 on CD2 Live at the Marquee 23/10/1981
*Track 17 on CD2 Live at the Exposition Hall, Osaka, Japan 04/12/82





1. My Number
2. Do You Love Me
3. Strawberries
4. Hollywood Tease
5. You Really Got Me
6. Love Is A Game
7. Little Miss Anne
8. The Things That You Say
9. Lovely Hurricane
10. Doctor Doctor
11. Heartbreak America
12. Old Dogs
13. Passing Clouds
14. Thru The Twilight
15. Mckitty’s Back
16. Ice In The Blood
17. Wasted Youth
18. Nice ‘n’ Nasty
19. 19
20. Overnight Angels
1. Naughty Boy
2. Killing Time
3. The Sound Of Cars
4. White Prophet
5. Big Night Out
6. I Got Love
7. Mad For It
8. Green Light
9. King Rat
10. You Really Got Me (Demo)
11. Ice In The Blood
12. Icy Blue
13. Big Night
14. Sweet Kids
15. Nice ‘n’ Nasty
16. Thru The Twilite
17. Family At War

GIRL - Bootlegs - The Original Line Up Live In Tokyo


Bootlegs – The Original Line Up Live In Tokyo – Japan 1980

CD-R Die Laughing Records (2006)

tracklisting unknown

*Released by bassist Gerry Laffy




GIRL - The Rare Dvd Collection


The Rare DVD Collection

DVD-R Die Laughing Records (2006)

1 Hollywood Tease (Promo Video)
2 Do You Love me (Promo Video)
3 Take me Dancing (Demo)
4 You Really got Me (Demo)
5 My Number (Demo)
6 Sweet Kids (Demo)
7 Doctor Doctor (Demo)
8 Hollywood Tease (German TV Show)
9 Money & The Magic (by Gerry Laffy)
10 Mandy (by Gerry Laffy)
11 No Way Out (by Sheer Greed)
12 Behind the Scenes of the last ever GIRL interview

*Released by bassist Gerry Laffy

GIRL - Live At The Paris Theatre London 1980

Die Laughing Records

GIRL - LIve In London

Deadline Music

Live At The Paris Theatre London 1980

CD-R Die Laughing Records (2013)
CD Deadline Music (2014) CLP 1972

1. Doctor Doctor
2. Take Me Dancing
3. Sweet Kids
4. My Number
5. Heartbreak America
6. Strawberries
7. You Really Got Me
8. Hollywood Tease
9. Do You Really Love Me

*CD-R by bassist Gerry Laffy used mainly as promo
*CD by Deadline Music simply titled “Live In London”

GIRL - Live At The Greyhound Fulham London 1982


Live At The Greyhound Fulham, London 1982

CD-R Die Laughing Records (2013)

1. Big Night Out
2. Overnight Angels
3. Ice In The Blood
4. My Number
5. Naughty Boy
6. Little Miss Anne
7. Standart Romance
8. Wasted Youth
9. The Sound Of Cars
10. Killing Time
11. Icey Blue
12. Nineteen
13. Nutbush City Limits
14. Hollywood Tease