Genghis Khan

Ghenghis Khan

Location: Salisbury | Website: n/a

Line Up
Alan Marsh (v) – also in Killer, Shogun, Tokyo Blade, Pumphouse and Hard Venom
Andy Boulton (g) – also in Killer and Tokyo Blade
Ray Dismore (g) – also in Killer and Tokyo Blade
Andy Robbins (b,k) – also in Shogun, Tokyo Blade, Jagged Edge, Killer, Taste and Skin
Steve Pierce (d) – also in Killer, Shogun, Tokyo Blade and Rebel Academy

– Known as White Diamond the period 1979-1980. Then briefly changed the name to Killer (1980-1981) and then changed it again to Genghis Khan. In 1983 came the final name change to Tokyo Blade
– The Demo 1982 below plus another Genghis Khan session and a 6 track demo recorded as Killer have been compiled and released under the Tokyo Blade discography with the title “Genghis Khan Killers
2LP High Roller Records (2011) HRR 165
2CD High Roller Records (2012) HRR165CD
*Vinyl 1st edition limited to 500 copies (350 black vinyl, 150 in transparent red)
*Vinyl 2nd edition limited to 500 copies (150 black vinyl, 350 in olive green)


Demo 1982

1. Killer On The Run
2. No Surrender
3. Victim Of Hate
4. No Love No Mercy
5. Radio Love
6. Just Killing Time
7. Nightmare
8. Fire In The Sky
9. Don’t Matter To Me
10. Cry For Mercy
11. Breaking The Rules

GENGHIS KHAN - Double Dealin


Double Dealin

2×7″ Self-released (1983) GKN1

1. If Heaven Is Hell
2. Highway Passion
3. Midnight Rendezvous
4. Mean Streak

*Recorded at Cave Studios in Bristol. It was financed by the owner of the record store Rod Records in Salisbury.
*Sometime during the mid 1990s a number of bootleg white label copies (but with the original sleeve) appeared on the market. However, some authentic white label copies from 1983 do exist