Location: Isle of Wight / Bath | Website: n/a

Line Up
Bobby Hamilton (v,g) – also in Janine, Necromancer, Vis a Vis, Saturday Street and Backbeat
Billy Colvin (v,b) – also in Necromancer, Out Of Order, Vis a Vis, Saturday Street, Hot Dog Jackson, The Core, Backbeat and The Sneakers
Drew Steele (aka Andi Steele) (d) – also in Janine, Necromancer and Vis a Vis

Rick Gay (g) – also in Janine
Mike Crossley (k)

– Formed from the ashes of the Scotish band Necromancer in 1982
– Located on the Isle of Wight where they were managed by ex T-Rex road manager Mick O’Halloran. Towards the end of 1982 they moved to Bath.
– Apart from the 7″ single below, Garbo has recorded enough material for maybe more than one album at Crescent studio in Bath. At least one song ‘When The Ice Breaks’ was produced by David Lord (Peter Gabriel’s producer) at the same studio.
– Garbo moved towards a solid Glam Rock direction and in 1984 along with a few line-up changes they changed the name to Vis a Vis (not to be confused with the Scotish pop band) and eventually folded
– Bobby Hamilton, Billy Colvin and Drew Steele worked as session musicians on the remix of the posthumous Marc Bolan albums “Dance In The Midnight” in 1983 and “Till Dawn” in 1985
– It is known that in 2007 Bobby Hamilton and Billy Colvin entered Peter Gabriel’s Real World Studio and remastered the Garbo masters from 1982. This material, however, still remains unreleased

GARBO - The Dancing Strange


The Dancing Strange

7″ Rarn Records (1982) Rarn 201

1. The Dancing Strange
2. Why Don’t You Call Me
3. Everyday Hallucinations

*There is also a small number of acetate/white label copies appearing once in a blue moon