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Line Up
Larry-Lee-Lehmann (v)
John O’ Conner (g)
Johnny Pawlowski (g) – also in Anniversary
Peter Pawlowski (b) – also in Anniversary
David Nixon (d)

– Short lived act that gave us no less than three self-released singles all in the same year
– It is quite possible that more recorded songs exist on some tape(s) somewhere

FRENZY - This is The Last Time


This Is The Last Time

7″ Self-released (1981) FRENZY 1
7″ Phoenix Records (2004) NWOBHM 7006

1. This Is The Last Time
2. Gypsy Dancer

*Released without a picture sleeve
*The Phoenix Records issue is a bootleg pressed in 250 hand numbered copies

FRENZY - Blackburn Rovers


Blackburn Rovers

7″ Self-released (1981) FRENZY 2

1. Blackburn Rovers
2. Up The Rovers

*Released without a picture sleeve. Both songs are anthems to the Blackburn Rovers football team


FRENZY - Without You


Without You

7″ Self-released (1981) FRENZY 3

1. Without You
2. Thanx For Nothing

*Again, no picture sleeve