Framed UK band

Location: London | Website: n/a

Line Up
Enid Williams (v,b) – also in Girlschool, Painted Lady, She Devils and Strange Girls
Dave Parsons (v,g) – also in Tangent, Sham 69 and The Wanderers
Barbara Spitz (g) – also in Sadista Sisters and Elgin Marbles
Ian Whitewood (d) – also in Sham 69, Torme and If…
Gray Noon (k)

– Formed in April 1982 by bassist Enid Williams after leaving Girlschool. It is not clear how many songs they recorded but at least two were released as per singles below
– Guitarist Dave Parsons in his solo album “Unstable” (CD, Tornado Ride Records, 2011) included some reworked Framed material.

FRAMED - Into My Life


Into My Life

7″ Thunderbay (1982) TBR 020

1. Into My Life

*One side single




FRAMED - Wonderland



7″ Thunderbay (1982) TBR 021

1. Wonderland

*One side single. Most copies circulated in a gatefold paper sleeve with printed band bios and another four sheets including an autographed photo of the band.
*Copies in green vinyl were also pressed (unknown number) with slightly different labels


FRAMED - Into My Life white label


Into My Life/Wonderland

7″ Thunderbay (1982)

1. Into My Life
2. Wonderland

*White label with handwritten credits. It is not yet clear if this was a test pressing, a promo or if it was also available for purchase from the band.