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Line Up
Glenn S. Howes (v,g) – also in Avenger, Earthrod, Blitzkrieg, Tygers of Pan Tang and Reign
Dave Irwin (g)
Stephen East (b)
Harry Hill (d)

Keith Satchfield (v,g)
Glen Coates (v) – also in Hollow Ground
John Roach (g) – also in Mythra
Martin Metcalf (g) – also in Hollow Ground
John Wylie (b)
Brian Rickman (b) – also in Hollow Ground
Norman Appleby (b)
Martin Harrison (d) – also in Hellbastard

– Initially called Axe (1978-1979) but only recorded the song “S.S. Giro” under that name.
– Supported UFO on their British tour of 1980
– Guitarist Dave Irwin played with Venom for their 1985 US Tour
– In 2001 an incarnation of Fist with original frontman Keith Satchfield and members of Hollow Ground recorded the album “Storm” which was released in 2004
– Fist reformed again in 2013 with original members Davey Irwin (g), Norman Appleby (b) and Harry Hill (d) plus new frontman Glenn S. Howes (v,g)
– Appeared in several compilations over the years. Here are some of the most interesting
Brute Force” (LP, MCA Records, 1980) with the track ‘Brain Damage’
Lead Weight” (LP, Neat, 1981) with ‘Throwing In The Towel’ and ‘S.S. Giro’ (as AXE). This compilation was also released on CD by Sanctuary in 2002
Metal Killers Kollection – Vol. II” (2LP, Castle Communications, 1986) with ‘Turn The Hell On’
Lightnin’ To The Nations NWOBHM 25th Anniversary Collection” (3CD, Sanctuary, 2005) with ‘Name, Rank & Serial Number’
The Neat Singles Collection Volume One” (2CD, Sanctuary, 2002) with ‘Name, Rank And Serial Number’, ‘Wanderer’, ‘You’ll Never Get Me Up (In One Of Those)’ and ‘Too Hot’

FIST - Name, Rank & Serial Number


Name, Rank & Serial Number

7″ Neat (1980) NEAT 04
7″ MCA Records (1980) MCA 615
CD single Skol Records (2018) UK 018

1. Name, Rank & Serial Number
2. You’ll Never Get Me Up (In One Of Those)

*Cover designed by Conrad Lant aka Cronos (Venom)
*CD single release by Skol Records is a replica of the 7″ with the original artwork etc limited to 500 copies.

FIST - Forever Amber


Forever Amber

7″ MCA Records (1980) MCA 640

1. Forever Amber
2. Brain Damage





FIST - Turn The Hell On


Turn The Hell On

LP MCA Records (1980) MCF 3082
LP MCA Records (1980) 202 992-320 (Germany)
CASSETTE MCA Records (1980) MCFC 3082
CD MCA Records (1992) MVCM 313 (Japan)
CD Geffen Records (2008) UICY-93474 (Japan)
CD Metal Mind Productions (2010) MASSCD1371DG

1. Hole In The Wall Gang
2. The Watcher
3. Collision Course
4. You’ll Never Get Me Up (In On Of Those)
5. Forever Amber
6. Axeman
7. The Vamp
8. Terminus
9. One Percent (%1)
10. Name, Rank And Serial Number

*Produced by Derek Lawrence (Deep Purple, Wishbone Ash etc)
*The Metal Mind Productions CD comes in digipack limited to 2000 copies
*Bonus CD tracks:
11. Brain Damage
12. Law Of The Jungle

FIST - Collision Course



Collision Course

7″ MCA Records/Neat (1980) MCA 663

1. Collision Course
2. Law Of The Jungle




FIST - Back With A Vengeance


Back With A Vengeance

LP Neat (1981) NEAT 1003
LP Neat/Base Records (1981) NEAT 1003 (Italy)
LP Neat/Victoria (1982) 30.1746 (Spain)
CD Neat/Metal Mania (1990) TECP 25448 (Japan)

1. Turn The Hell On
2. S.S. Giro
3. Too Hot
4. Lost And Found
5. The Feeling’s Right
6. Dog Soldier
7. All I Can Do
8. Devil Rise
9. Going Wild Tonight

*An unconfirmed number of copies on yellow vinyl exist with the same catalogue number: NEAT 1003

FIST - The Wanderer



The Wanderer

7″ Neat (1982) NEAT 21

1. The Wanderer
2. Too Hot




FIST - Back With A Vengeance -The Fist Anthology

Castle/Sanctuary cover

FIST - Back With A Vengeance Dissonance

Dissonance cover

Back With A Vengeance -The Fist Anthology

2CD Castle Music/Sanctuary (2002) CMDDD585
2CD Dissonance Records (2018) DISS061CDD

1. S.S. Giro [Original Axe Version]
2. Name, Rank And Serial Number
3. You’ll Never Get Me Up (In One Of Those)
4. Throwing In The Towel
5. Turn The Hell On
6. S.S. Giro (LP Version)
7. Too Hot
8. Lost And Found
9. The Feelings’s Right
10. Dog Soldier
11. All I Can Do
12. Devil Rise
13. Going Wild Tonight
14. The Wanderer

1. Brain Damage
2. One Percenter
3. Vamp
4. Hole In The Wall Gang
5. Axeman
6. Forever Amber
7. Watcher
8. Terminus
9. Gone Without A Trace
10. Collision Course
11. Same Time Same Place
12. Roll It
13. Pumping Iron
14. Give It All Back
15. Left Standing Again
16. Where They Are
17. Dog Soldier
18. See The Devil Rise [Demo]
19. Law Of The Jungle [Take 2]

*CD1 includes their second album “Back With A Vengeance”, the 7″ “Name, Rank & Serial Number”, the “Lead Weight” compilation tracks plus “The Wanderer”
CD2 has previously unreleased material, alternative versions and demo sessions

FIST - Storm



CD Demolition Records (2004) DEMCD138
CD Demolition Records (2004) DEMJP 002 (Japan)

1. Fe Fi Fo Fum
2. Guardian Angel
3. Acid Rock
4. Storm
5. Name Rank & Serial Number
6. Try A Little Love On Me
7. Brain Damage
8. Supercallousflagellisticexpertcunnilingus
9. Big Rig
10. Never Get Me Up In One Of Those
11. Land Of The Rising Sun (bonus track on the Japanese edition)