Fair Warning

Location: Swindon | Website: n/a

Line Up
Steve Shearan (v)
Dean Martin (g)
Lee Jackson (g)
Phil Peters (b)
Danny Archer (d) – also in Wheelz

Dean Cox (v,g)
Neil Farr (g)
John Eastaugh (b)

– The back of the 12″ sais that the three tracks were taken from the album “First Public Warning”. This album never got released but there are reports of cassettes being shown here and there.
– Changed their name to Janikies Wolf in the early 1990s and then got lost in obscurity




7″ Wild Turkey (1986) WT001

1. Dreamer
2. Hold On





FAIR WARNING - Rocking at the Speed of Light


Rocking At The Speed Of Light

12″ Areba Records (1987) ERA2

1. Rocking At The Speed Of Light
2. Tongue In Cheek
3. Breakin’ The Law (Judas Priest cover)

*Produced by Andy Boulton (Tokyo Blade)