Ezy Ryder

Location: London | Website: n/a

Line Up
Ian Perry (v)
John Streicher (g)
Gabriel Malagodi (b)
Richard Keetch (d)

– One of those great NWOBHM mysteries where any kind of information simply does not exist! Or just waits somewhere to be discovered!
– We can tell for sure that they got their name after the Jimi Hendrix song
– Their lone wonder is an excellent work of 1970’s hard rock/psych influenced early Metal




LP English Steel (1981) ES 101

1. Ezy On The Highway
2. Atlantis
3. Gypsy Woman
4. Rock & Roll Tonight
5. N.S.U.
6. Fire
7. Preacher Man
8. Teazer
9. Hey Hey Hey
10. Power
11. Who Knows


*Apparently recorded over two sessions in 1979 and 1980

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