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Line Up
Paul McBride (v)
Steve Blades (g) – also in Assassin
Paul Solynskyj (g) – also in Hybrid, Hardware and Damage Inc.
Dean Wilson (b) – also in Slammer
Dave Sykes (d)

Geoff Livermore (b)  – also in Hybrid
Martin Hawthorn (b) – also in Loud! and Hardware
Stewart Meer (d)
Mick Dodson (d)

– Active from 1981 until roughly 1992
– Appeared on BBC’s Radio ONE Rock Friday Show on July 18th, 1986
– Supported Uriah Heep (1988) and Saxon (1990)
– There is also a bootleg split CD with the band Oracle (Hot Metal Records, 1993) featuring the tracks from “The Bitter End

EXCALIBUR - Back Before Dawn


Back Before Dawn

CASSETTE self released (1984)

1. Come On and Rock
2. Only Time Can Tell
3. Haunted By The Shadows


EXCALIBUR - The Bitter End


The Bitter End

12″ Conquest Records (1985) Quest 5
CD No Remorse Records (2021) 0723803978177
LP No Remorse Records (2021) 0723803978184

1. I’m Telling You
2. Devil In Disguise
3. The Bitter End
4. Only Time Can Tell
5. Come On And Rock
6. Haunted By The Shadows

*Re-releases by No Remorse Records feature the original mix. LP pressed in Black, Red Transparent and Silver vinyl. The Silver vinyl edition is limited to 100 copies and includes T-shirt, Patch, the CD version plus a replica cassette of the “Back Before Dawn” 1984 Demo.
*No Remorse LP versions include the following extra tracks:
7. Come On And Rock (Demo 1984)
8. Only Time Can Tell (Demo 1984)
9. Haunted By The Shadows (Demo 1984)
10. Nightmare (Demo 1983)
*No Remorse CD version includes all the aforementioned LP tracks plus the 6 original tracks with the Conquest Records mix

EXCALIBUR - Hot For Love


Hot For Love

12″ Clay Records (1988) PLATE9

1. Hot For Love
2. Early In The Morning
3. Come On And Rock
4. Death’s Door

*These are the tracks Excalibur performed on BBC’s Radio ONE Rock Friday Show


EXCALIBUR - One Strange Night


One Strange Night

LP Active Records (1990) ATV 10
CD Active Records (1990) CD ATV 10
CD Music For Nations (1994) PCCY-00529 (Japan)

1. Una Notte Strana
2. Fight
3. Waiting
4. Lights Go Down
5. Round And Round
6. Frozen Promises
7. Early In The Morning
8. Carole Ann
9. Running Scared
10. Death’s Door
11. Sick And Tired (bonus on the CD)

*Test-pressing white label vinyl copies also exist

EXCALIBUR - Carole - Ann


Carole – Ann

12″ Active Records (1990) 12 ATV 101

1. Carole – Ann
2. Early In The Morning
3. Sick And Tired





EXCALIBUR - Four Strange Nights


Four Strange Nights

CD (1990)

1. Hot For Love
2. Come On And Rock
3. I’m Telling You
4. Devil In Disguise
5. The Bitter End
6. Only Time Can Tell
7. Haunted In The Shadows
8. Sick And Tired
9. Una Notte Strana
10. Fight
11. Waiting
12. Lights Go Down
13. Round And Round
14. Frozen Promises
15. Early In The Morning
16. Carole Ann
17. Running Scared
18. Death’s Door

*Bootleg compilation possibly from the early 1990s featuring entire “The Bitter The End” and “One Strange Night” plus single tracks