Everyone Else

Everyone Else

Location: Leamington Spa | Website: official

Line Up
Tim Hunter (v,g) – also in Strategy Is, Mad Dog and solo
Keith Fennell (b)
Rick Collett (d)

– In recent years several lost tapes were restored by singer/guitarist Tim Hunter. These were recordings from the late 1970s including the track ‘Put Your Music Where Your Mouth Is’ which is from the same session that gave us the “Schooldays” 7″ below. You may purchase this track from itunes. To the best of our knowledge the rest of this material hasn’t been released yet.

EVERYONE ELSE - Schooldays



7″ Woodbine St. Records (1979) WSR 001

1. Schooldays
2. Don’t Call Us
3. Brainwashed
4. Out Of My Mind