Ethel The Frog

Ethel The Frog

Location: Hull | Website: n/a

Line Up
Doug Sheppard (v,g) – also in No Messiahs
Paul Tognola (g) – also in Salem
Terry Hopkinson (b)
Paul Conyers (d) – also in Salem

– Named after a Monty Python sketch, Ethel The Frog formed in 1975 while still being at school and disbanded in early 1981
– Also known as “The Frogs”
– Featured in the Melody Maker national ‘Rock And Folk’ competition and although they did not reach the finals they were found by DJ Neal Kay who got them into the Metal For Muthas compilation.
– Their song ‘Fight Back’ appeared on the compilations:
Metal For Muthas” (LP, EMI, 1980)
Metal For Muthas – Essential New Wave Of British Heavy Metal” (2CD, Sanctuary, 2003)
Lightnin’ To The Nations NWOBHM 25th Anniversary Collection” (3CD, Sanctuary, 2005)

ETHEL THE FROG - Eleanor Rigby


ETHEL THE FROG - Eleanor Rigby


Eleanor Rigby

7″ Best (1978) SRTS/FMR 014
7″ EMI (1979) EMI 5041

1. Eleanor Rigby
2. Whatever Happened To Love

*’Eleanor Rigby’ is a cover by The Beatles
*The EMI pressing has ‘Fight Back’ on the b-side
*Very few copies of the Best pressing had picture sleeves
*Some EMI copies were marked as ‘Demo record – Not for resale’

ETHEL THE FROG - Ethel The Frog


Ethel The Frog

LP EMI (1980) EMC 3329
LP High Roller Records (2018) HRR 634
CD British Steel (1997) CD METAL 11
CD High Roller Records (2018) HRR 634 CD

1. Eleanor Rigby
2. Apple Of Your Eye
3. Staying On My Mind
4. You Need Wheels
5. Bleeding Heart
6. Fight Back
7. Don’t Do It
8. Why Don’t You Ask
9. Whatever Happened To Love
10. Fire Bird

*LP by High Roller limited to 500 copies: 200 in black and 300 in silver vinyl