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Line Up
Paul Taylor (v) – also in Midas and Midnight Messiah
Phil Denton (g) – also in Midnight Messiah
Norman Gordon (g)
Kevin Dobbs (b)
Nigel Dobbs (d)

Sally Pike (v) (1983)
Stevie Bentley (g) (1983-1984)
Mark White (b) (1987-1990)
Clive Burr (d) (1988) – also in Iron Maiden, Trust, Desperado, Gogmagog, Alcatrazz (USA), Samson, Clive Burr’s Escape, Praying Mantis and Stratus
Stevie Hughes (d) (1989-1990) – also in Adrenalin Kick

– Active during 1983-1990. Reformed in 2001 with the line-up of their debut which lasted until 2012.
– Appeared on BBC ONE’s Friday Rock Show on February 28th, 1986. The recording of this session is offered as a bonus on the 25th Anniversary Edition of their debut
– Two official videos (‘The Son of Odin’ and ‘Pandora‚Äôs Box’) were featured on the VHS “Power Cuts
– On February 2007 Paul Di’Anno joined Elixir on stage for a take on Maiden’s classic ‘Running Free’. It was during the ‘Clive Aid’ celebrating Clive Burr’s 50th birthday.
– In their discography there is also a four track demo from 1983 with female singer Sally Pike. It was recorded at Bark Studios in Walthamstow, London. It is unknown if it was ever circulated to the public. Unknown is also the tracklist

Demo 1984

1. Deal With The Devil
2. Born Loser
3. Dead Man’s Gold

ELIXIR - Demo 1985


Demo 1985

1. Treachery (Ride like the Wind)
2. Winds Of Time
3. Playing With Fire




ELIXIR - Treachery (Ride Like The Wind)


Treachery (Ride Like The Wind)

7″ Elixir Records (1985) ELIXIR 1
CD single Skol Records (2016) UK001

1. Treachery (Ride Like The Wind)
2. Winds Of Time

*Pressed in 1000 copies. Reviewed by Ronnie James Dio in Kerrang! #99
*CD single release by Skol Records is a replica of the 7″ with the original artwork etc limited to 500 copies. All these copies got sold in advance!


ELIXIR - The Son Of Odin


The Son Of Odin

LP Elixir Records (1986) ELIXIR 2
2LP High Roller Records (2013) HRR 315
LP Back On Black (2020) BOBV679LP
CD Cult Metal Classics (2001) CMC 002
CD TPL Records (2004) TPL 019
CD Majestic Rock (2006) MAJCD084
CD Cold Town Records (2011) CTR003

1. The Star Of Beshaan
2. Pandora’s Box
3. Hold High The Flame
4. Children Of Tomorrow
5. Trial By Fire
6. Starflight
7. Dead’s Man Gold
8. Treachery (Ride Like The Wind)
9. Son Of Odin

*The Cult Metal Classics version is limited to 1000 copies and has the following bonus tracks:
10. Chariot Of The Gods
11. Winds Of Time
12. Treachery (Live)

*The TPL Records (limited to 500 copies) and the Majestic Rock releases have ‘Chariot Of The Gods’ as an extra track.
*The Cold Town Records release is the 25th Anniversary Edition with these bonus:
10. Chariot Of The Gods
11. Winds Of Time (7″ b-side)
12. The Star Of Beshaan (BBC Radio One Session)
13. Pandora/s Box (BBC Radio One Session)
14. Hold High The Flame (BBC Radio One Session)
15. Son Of Odin (BBC Radio One Session)

*2LP by High Roller Records limited to 500 copies: 150 in Black and 350 in transparent clear vinyl. The extra vinyl has the following tracks:
10. The Star Of Beshaan (BBC Radio One Session)
11. Pandora’s Box (BBC Radio One Session)
12. Hold High The Flame (BBC Radio One Session)
13. Son Of Odin (BBC Radio One Session)
14. Winds Of Time (1985 7″)
15. Treachery (Ride Like The Wind) (1985 7″)
16. Playing With Fire (Demo 1985)
17. Dead Man’s Gold (Demo 1984)
18. Born Loser (Demo 1984)
19. Deal With The Devil (Demo 1984)
20. Chariot Of The Gods (The Son Of Odin recording sessions)

ELIXIR - Lethal Potion


Lethal Potion

LP Sonic Records (1990) SONIC LP 9
CD Sonic Records (1990) SONIC CD 9
CD Classic Metal (2020) CM78

1. She’s Got It
2. Sovereign Remedy
3. Llagaeran
4. Louise
5. Shadows Of The Night
6. All Together Again
7. Light In Your Heart
8. (Metal Trance Intro) Visions Of Darkness
9. Edge Of Eternity
10. Last Rays Of The Sun

*CD by Brazilian label Classic Metal with the following bonus tracks:
11. Metal Trance
12. Legion Of The Eagle
13. Lost In A Dream
14. Pandora’s Box (live)
15. Trial By Fire (live)
16. Treachery (live)
17. Son Of Odin (live)

ELIXIR - The Idol CD

CD cover

ELIXIR - The Idol LP

LP cover

The Idol

CD Cold Town Records (2002) CTR001
CD Majestic Rock (2006) MAJCD087
LP Cult Metal Classics (2004) CultMetal 016
LP Back On Black (2020) BOBV781LP

1. The Return
2. The Idol
3. Devil Rider
4. Born To Die
5. The Storm
6. Born Loser
7. Deal With The Devil
8. Playing With Fire
9. Death Dealer
10. Moonlight

*Songs written in the late 1980s but recorded in the 2002
*LP by Cult Metal Classics limited to 500 copies: 400 on Black and 100 on Purple vinyl

ELIXIR - Sovereign Remedy


Sovereign Remedy

CD TPL Records (2004) TPL 020
CD Cold Town Records (2004) CTR002
CD Majestic Rock (2006) MAJCD085
LP Back On Black (2020) BOBV780LP

1. Metal Trance
2. Visions Of Darkness
3. Light In Your Heart
4. She’s Got It
5. Sovereign Remedy
6. Llagaeran
7. Last Rays Of The Sun
8. Shadows Of The Night
9. Louise
10. Legion Of The Eagle
11. Edge Of Eternity
12. Lost In A Dream
13. (When We Are) All Together Again
14. Metal Trance (Reprise)

*The TPL Records release is limited to 500 copies
*This is actually the “Lethal Potion” album the way the band wanted to be. It includes four unreleased tracks from the same session and all the songs are reverted back to their original mix

ELIXIR - Live (TPL Records)

TPL Records

ELIXIR - Live (Majestic Rock)

Majestic Rock


CD TPL Records (2005) TPL 026
CD Majestic Rock (2006) MAJCD091
2LP Back On Black (2020) BOBV783LP

1. The Return
2. Moonlight
3. Trial By Fire
4. Pandora’s Box
5. Hold High The Flame
6. The Idol
7. Son Of Odin
8. Sovereign Remedy
9. Born Loser
10. Winds Of Time
11. Death Toll
12. Metal Trace
13. Visions Of Darkness
14. Shadows Of The Night
15. Deal With The Devil
16. Treachery
17. Llagaeran

*The TPL Records release is limited to 500 copies

ELIXIR - Knocking On The Gates Of Hell


Knocking On The Gates Of Hell

CD single TPL Records (2008) TPL 027

1. Knocking On The Gates Of Hell
2. Death Toll
3. Last Rays Of The Sun (live)
4. The Star Of Beshaan (live)

*Limited to 500 copies.


ELIXIR - Mindcreeper



CD Majestic Rock (2006) MAJCD079
CD Majestic Rock (2006) DDCZ1317 (Japan)
LP Night Of The Vinyl Dead Records (2015) NIGHT 206
LP Back On Black (2020) BOBV782LP

1. Don’t Trust The Preacher
2. Mindcreeper
3. Hot Metal
4. Rescue My Soul
5. Over And Over Again
6. Knocking On The Gates Of Hell
7. Iron Hawk
8. Athenian Glory
9. Guiding Star
10. Where Angels Fear To Tread
11.Death Toll (bonus on the Japanese CD version)

*LP by Night Of The Vinyl Dead Records limited to 250 copies

ELIXIR - All Hallows Eve


All Hallows Eve

CD Cold Town Records (2010) CTR002
LP Night Of The Vinyl Dead Records (2011) NIGHT106
LP Back On Black (2020) BOBV784LP

1. All Hallows Eve
2. The Pagan Queen
3. Daughters Of The Moon
4. The Spell
5. Midnight Messiah
6. You’re Not Fooling Me
7. Samhain

*LP by Night Of The Vinyl Dead Records limited to 250 copies

ELIXIR - The Remedy 3CD Set


The Remedy: 3CD Set

3CD Box Hear No Evil Recordings (2019) HNEBOX120

*Re-release of the albums “Lethal Potion” (1990), “Sovereign Remedy” (2004) and “Live” (2005) into one heavy box with each disc in a separate cardboard slipcase including the original artworks. Tracklistings as mentioned above in their respective entries.



ELIXIR - Voyage Of The Eagle


Voyage Of The Eagle

CD Dissonance Productions (2020) DISSO170CDD
LP Back On Black (2020) BOBV674LP

1. Drink To The Devil
2. Press Ganged
3. Horizons
4. The Siren’s Song
5. Sail On
6. Onward Through The Storm
7. Mutiny
8. Almost There
9. Whisper On The Breeze
10. Evermore

ELIXIR - Drink To The Devil


Drink To The Devil

7″ Elixir Records (2021) ELIXIR 3

1. Drink To The Devil (Single Mix)
2. Onward Through The Storm (Single Mix)

*Limited to 500 copies