Dumpy’s Rusty Nuts

Dumpy's Rusty Nuts

Location: London | Website: official | facebook 

Line Up
Graham Dumpy Dunnell (v,g) – also in Borzoi, Rivvits, Dumpy’s SpaceNutz and Bluezz Intoxicated
Martin Connelly (b)
Andy Smith (d)

Mick Grafton (g) – also in Cloven Hoof
Mac Makenzie (b) – also in Nuthin Fancy
Jeff Brown (b)
Kerry Langford (b)
Alan Fish (b) – also in Groundhogs, Zorro, Tredegar, Egypt, Autoland Command and Chuck Berry
Alan Davey (b) – also in Hawkwind
Graham Le Mon (b)
Jim Houghton (b) – also in Monterezz and Sarang
Pete Surgey (b) – also in Witchfynde
Chris Hussey (d) – also in Nuthin Fancy
Mark Brabbs (d) – also in Tank
Mick Kirton (d) – also in Groundhogs, Sarang and Hawkwind
Danny Thompson (d) – also in Hawkwind

– First appeared in 1981 and remain active until this day. All these years they played countless times at the pub/small club circuit but also played twice the Reading Rock Festival, the Isle of Man TT and supported bands such as Status Quo, Motorhead, Hawkwind and others.
– Very popular among the biker as well as the space rock scene.
– Had to change their name to Dumpy’s Rusty Bolts on a couple of occasions
– A recording of BBC Radio ONE’s “In Concert” from October 12th 1984 can be found online and includes the tracks:
1. Rip It Up
2. Hot Lover
3. Box Hill or Bust
4. Cross Keys (featuring Nik Turner)
5. Tush



Just For Kicks

7″ Cool King (1982) CNK 006

1. Just For Kicks
2. Ride With Me





DUMPY'S RUSTY NUTS - Dumpy's 2nd Single


Dumpy’s 2nd Single

7″ Cool King (1982) CNK 008

1. Boxhill Or Bust
2. It’s Got To Be Blues

*Released with a free bikers patch




DUMPY'S RUSTY NUTS - Rock The Nation


Rock The Nation

12″ Landslide Records (1984) LAND 2T

1. Rock The Nation
2. Nothing To Loose
3. Hot Lover




DUMPY'S RUSTY NUTS - Somewhere In England

Somewhere In England

2LP Landslide Records (1984) LDLP 101
2LP Gas Music Limited (1984) GAS 4013

1. It’s Got To Be Blues
2. Ride With Me
3. I’m A Hog For You Baby
4. Rip It Up
5. Night Rider
6. Woke Up This Morning
7. Look In The Mirror
8. Whole Lot Of Blues
9. Out Of Reach

1. Box Hill Or Bust
2. Tush
3. Just For Kicks
4. Cross Keys
5. Wee Wee Baby
6. Wild Thing
7. Route 66



Hot Lover

LP Gas Music Limited (1986) GAS 4010

1. Flying On Two Wheels
2. Got Nothing To Lose
3. Night Rider
4. Rock The Nation
5. Hot Lover
6. Out Of Reach


DUMPY'S RUSTY NUTS - Get Out On The Road


Get Out On The Road

LP Metal Masters (1987) METALP 118

1. Get Out On The Road
2. Shnibob
3. Come On Everybody
4. Heartbreaker
5. Hear Me Calling
6. Out Of Time
7. Angel
8. Hawkwind
9. The Harry Lime Theme

DUMPY'S RUSTY NUTS - Firkin Well Live


Firkin Well Live – Somewhere Else In England

2LP Razor Records (1988) RAZ D 39

1. Get Out On The Road
2. Heartbreaker
3. Come On Everybody
4. Flying On Two Wheels
5. Woke Up This Morning
6. Yee Ha
7. Shnibob
8. It’s Got To Be Blues

1. Hot Lover
2. Box Hill Or Bust
3. Hawkwind
4. The Harry Lime Theme (The Third Man)
5. Just For Kicks
6. Wee Wee Baby
7. Out Of Reach
8. Silver Machine




7″ A Side Records (1991)

1. Run.Run.Run.
2. Rock City

*Title song is a cover from Jo Jo Gunne