Location: Rochdale | Website: n/a

Line Up
Tony Mamwell (v)
Phil Odins (g)
Mark Webb (b)
Dave Phillips (d)

Dave Walker (v)
Steve Morgan (b)
Gary Walker (d)
Bob Carroll (d)

– Formed in 1978 as ‘Heavy Thunder’. From 1980 until 1983 they were the first band to use the name ‘Slayer’. Known as ‘Dragonslayer’ until they split in 1987 and thereafter. This page here covers the band under all their names.
– Apart from the discography below, another two demos were recorded in the very early 1980s which are now lost. Guitarist Phil Odins recalls a couple of song titles: ‘Calling The Devil’ and ‘Memories And Teasers’
– Featured on the compilation “The Metal Collection Volume II” (LP, Ebony Records, 1987) with the track ‘Rock The Radio’

Demo 1982 (as Slayer)

1. The Slayer
2. Run Like Hell
3. Blind Terror
4. Broken Hearts
5. Man In The Dark
6. Hammerhead
7. Lady Of The Night



I Want Your Life

7″ Cavalier Records (1983) CAV 017

1. I Want Your Life
2. Satan Is Free
3. Broken Hearts

*Recorded and released as ‘Slayer’. Shortly after the name changed and was re-circulated with a ‘Dragonslayer’ sticker on the label. Not known to have a picture sleeve



Demo 1986

1. Rock With Me
2. Lies in Your Eyes
3. Dragon Drums
4. The Hunger
5. Satan’s Soldiers
6. The Battle Is On
7. Catch Me







CD Shadow Kingdom Records (2008) SKR009CD
2LP Shadow Kingdom Records (2008) SKR009DLP

1. The Slayer
2. Run Like Hell
3. Blind Terror
4. I Want Your Life
5. Satan Is Free
6. Broken Hearts
7. Man In The Dark
8. Hammerhead
9. Lady Of The Night
10. Rock With Me
11. Lies in Your Eyes
12. Dragon Drums
13. The Hunger
14. Satan’s Soldiers
15. The Battle Is On
16. Catch Me

*Tracks 1-3 and 7-9 from the 1982 Demo. Tracks 4-6 from the 7″ and tracks 10-16 from the 1986 Demo
*2LP on regular black vinyl and also on orange/splatter vinyl limited to 200 copies