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Line Up
Rudi Riviere (v, g) – also in Sapphire, New Torpedoes and Terraplane
Stephen Heath (g) – also in End Tricks and Sabotage
Pete Cornell (b) – also in Sapphire and De Soto Blue
Nik Szymanek (d) – also in Trilogy, Phil Hilborne Band and Sabotage

– Formed in 1979 and split around 9 months after the release of their 7″ in 1981
– Played their first gig first with Angel Witch at the Ruskin Arms
– Guitarist Stephen Heath was (and still is) very close friend with Uli Roth. He jammed, traveled and played with him at various times most notably from 1981 until 1983 when he was ment to join Electric Sun as a second guitarist. However, he never officially recorded anything nor played live with Uli Roth.
– After several years all the band members got together in November 1998 at a rehersal studio and played for their fun. A proper reunion is yet to come….

Demo 1980

1. High Talk
2. Loser

Demo 1980 (2)

1. Mercy
2. No No No
3. Reasons
4. Dragonfly
5. Silent Nights

*’Silent Nights’ is a different version than the one of the 7″

DRAGONFLY - The Dragonfly E.P.


The Dragonfly E.P.

7″ self-released (1980) DF001

1. Silent Nights
2. Mercy
3. Space Bound
4. Disappear From View

*Limited to 500 copies. Has white labels on both sides


DRAGONFLY - Dragonfly



LP Phoenix Records (2004) NWOBHM 12002

1. Silent Nights
2. Mercy
3. Space Bound
4. Disappear From View
5. High Talk
6. Loser
7. No No No
8. Mercy

*Bootleg limited to 250 copies. 125 pressed on black and 125 on red vinyl

DRAGONFLY - Dragonfly CD

CD-R self-released (20??)

1. Silent Nights
2. Mercy
3. Disappear From View
4. Space Bound
5. No No No
6. Mercy
7. Reasons
8. Dragonfly
9. High Talk
10. Stop Your Fooling
11. Loser
12. Disappear From View
13. High Talk

*All demo sessions recorded by Dragonfly. It was only available from the band’s website

DRAGONFLY - Live At The Ruskin Arms DVD

Live At The Ruskin Arms

DVD-R self-released (20??)

1. Introduction
2. Silent Nights
3. Mercy
4. High Talk
5. Disappear From View
6. Never Again
7. Loser
8. Space Bound
9. Reasons
10. No No No

*This is the only surviving video footage of Dragonfly featuring their complete set from the 12th of July 1980. It was only available from the band’s website