Dick Smith Band

Dick Smith Band

Location: New Brighton | Website: facebook  

Line Up
Dave Barrett (v) – also in The Other Side
Paul Downes (g)
Paul Madden (g) – also in The Other Side
Steve Barrett (b) – also in The Other Side
Steve Swift (d) – also in Scharnhors

Paul Conway Stuart (d)

– Formed in 1978 as “Dick Smith and The Dole Q”. The name changed pretty quick to Dick Smith Band and by 1982 when the band folded they played nearly 1000 gigs mainly in the North West of England and Scotland
– On the band’s old website (which has been down since 2005) there was mention about another single called “Body Heat” which was released or just recorded in 1979. However, we couldn’t find any other resources to mention such a release or recording. The same goes with their demos. The following is information from their old website that gives only the title and the number of tracks. The exact year, the tracklistings or any other info is missing and wanted.

Demos recorded in between 1979 to 1982
“Shine” 4 tracks
“Changing Places” 4 tracks
“Motorway Madness” 4 tracks
“Moondolls” 8 tracks
“Photographs” 8 tracks
“Joey” 8 tracks

– Right after the split of Dick Smith Band, three of the original members formed The Other Side who also did a lot of gigs and lasted until 1989. More on The Other Side here

DICK SMITH BAND - Motorway Madness



Motorway Madness

7″ Smile Records (1979) SR 012

1. Motorway Madness
2. Body Heat




DICK SMITH BAND - Way Of The World


Way Of The World

7″ Hol-O-Gram (1980) HOL 001
7″ Phoenix Records (2003) NWOBHM 7030

1. Way Of The World
2. Giving The Game Away

*The original single was pressed in 2000 copies mainly sold at gigs and local record stores
*The Phoenix Records release is a bootleg. Pressed on green vinyl in 250 hand numbered copies

Demo 1981

1. Changing Places
2. Shine
3. Motorway Madness

DICK SMITH BAND - Givin The Game Away


Givin The Game Away

12″ Sleaszy Rider Records (2019) SR-0238

1. Givin The Game Away
2. Way Of The World
3. Motorway Madness Live

*40 year anniversary release with remastered tracks





We Mean It

CD Sleaszy Rider Records (2019) SR-0241

1. Givin The Game Away
2. The Tribe
3. Changing Places
4. Way Of The World
5. Cigar Shaped Thing
6. Shine
7. Motorway Madness Live
8. The Wanderer Live
9. Boby Heat
10. Motorway Madness

*Recordings from 1979-82 remastered in 2018