Paul Di'anno

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Line Up
Paul Di’Anno (v) – also in Iron Maiden, Paul Di’Anno, Battlezone, Gogmagog, Killers, Praying Mantis, The Almighty Inbredz, The Pedophiles and RockFellas
Lee Slater (g)
P.J. Ward (g)  – also in Bastille, Lonewolf and Rich Bitch
Kevin Browne (b)
Frank Noon (d) – also in Def Leppard and Waysted
Mark Venables (k)

Dave Irving (d)

– Real name is Paul Andrews. Iron Maiden singer from 1978 until 1981 when he left at the age of 23
– The first band he formed after leaving Maiden was called Lonewolf which quickly transformed to simply Di’Anno. They lasted until 1985. Paul then was invloved in several projects (Gogmagog, Paul Di’Anno’s Battlezone, Killers etc) and released one more album under the name Di’Anno called “Nomad” which featured musicians from Brazil
– Ex-Def Leppard and Waysted drummer Frank Noon joined Di’Anno for the UK tour that followed their debut album

DI'ANNO - Dianno



LP FM Records (1984) WKFM LP 1
LP Picture Disc FM Records (1984) WKFMPD1
LP Heavy Metal Records (1984) HMC-5002
LP Nexus (1984) K28P 436 (Japan)
CASSETTE FM Records (1984)

1. Flaming Heart
2. Heartuser
3. Here to Stay
4. The Runner
5. Tales of the Unexpected
6. Razor Age
7. Bright Lights
8. Lady Heartbreak
9. Antigua
10. Road Rat

*Peaked at #105 on the British charts. The Japanese LP on Nexus is also known as “Two Swimmers & A Bag Of Jockies”

DI'ANNO - Flaming Heart


Flaming Heart

7″ Nexus (1984) K07S-7045

1. Flaming Heart
2. Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood

*Japan only single




DI'ANNO - Heartuser



7″ FM Records (1984) VHF 1

1. Heartuser
2. Road Rat

*’Heartuser’ is a Cliff Richard cover




DI'ANNO - Live At The Palace

Live At The Palace

VHS Melody Line (1984)
DVD Iguana (2005) IPDVD003
DVD MaGaDa Canada (2005) 01389
DVD MRA Entertainment (2006) D0972 (Australia)
DVD ???? (????) (South America)
DVD SFM (2012) SFMDVD105

1. Razor Edge
2. The Runner
3. Here to Stay
4. Lady Heartbreak
5. Spiritual Guidance
6. Heartuser
7. Tales of the Unexpected
8. Road Rat
9. Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood
10. Bright Lights
11. Antigua
12. Flaming Heart
13. You Really Got Me

*VHS released for the Swedish market only.
*The DVD releases from Iguana and MRA Entertainment are titled “Live From London“. The MaGaDa Canada DVD is titled “Live In London“. The SFM DVD has the title “Live From The Camden Palace“. The yet unknown label of the South American edition is titled: “Paul Di’Anno – The First Singer of Iron Maiden“. All these different-titled releases feature the same 1984 performance.

DI'ANNO - Live From London (Iguana)

Iguana DVD

DI'ANNO - Live In London (MaGaDa)


DI'ANNO - Live From London (MRA)


Paul Di'Anno - The First Singer of Iron Maiden dvd

S. American DVD

DI'ANNO - Live From The Camden Palace



DI'ANNO - Nomad

















CD B.O. Records (2001) B.O. 022
CD Perris Records (2001) PER 0009-2
CD The Store For Music (2001) SFMCD012
CD Encore Records (2001) ENC 07
CASSETTE Invisible Halahup (2001) MC-035/01

1. Intro
2. Mad Man In The Attic
3. War Machine
4. Brothers Of The Tomb
5. P.O.V. 2000
6. The Living Dead
7. Nomad
8. S.A.T.A.N.
9. Cold World
10. Do Or Die
11. Dog Dead

*Di’Anno wrote and recorded this album while he was living in Brazil. Not really related to the early 1980s band but released under the same name.