Location: Nottingham | Website:  myspace

Line Up
Fang Sabre (aka Iain Dilley) (v) – also in APB, Persia, Psycho Wreck, Badgertamer, Satan’s Arrow, Girlyswot, Hype, Brazzen Huzzy and Wraith
Russ Richards (aka Gregg Russell) (g) – also in Concrete Sox, Tigertailz, Free Spirit, Overlord, Pickups ‘n’ Pitchforks and Wraith
Ken Tilley (g) – also in Wraith, Orion, Esprit and Chainmail
Simon Ward (b) – also in Orion
Simon “Emmy” Hemstock (d) – also in Wraith, Six Gun, Sleezepatrol and Critical Mass

Punkie Wayne (v) – also in Sleezepatrol
Brian Roland (g) – also in Sleezepatrol and The Firing Squad
Paul “Wild” Walker (g)
Dieter Taschner (g)
Stevie “Dans” Rimmington (b) – also in Wraith

– Very much Glam influenced with an attitude! Famous at the time for smashing equipment on stage!
– Reformed for one concert at the Nottingham Old Salutation on August 28th 2006 with Fang Sabre (v), Russ Richards (g), Simon Hemstock (d) and a new bass player

DEUCE - Make It Bleed


Make It Bleed

CASSETTE self released (1985)

1. Seven Years
2. X-Rated
3. Killer
4. Backs To The Wall




Deuce - Queen Of The Nite


Queen Of The Nite

7″ Powermetal Records (1986) EVB 004

1. Jealousy
2. Backs To The Wall
3. Queen Of The Night

*Although everywhere it is mentioned that this 7″ is named “Jealously” its title is “Queen Of The Nite”. Note the difference in spelling ‘Nite’ on the cover and on the label. Moreover, it has never been listed as having a picture cover. However, there is at least one known copy that has a picture sleeve (also signed by the band at the back) which was sold for £750!