Location: Kent | Website: n/a

Line Up
Dave Montgomery (v) – also in Tilt
Brian Matthews (g)
Gavin Matthews (b) – also in Legend
Neil Turnbull (d) – also in Sacrilege, (Deep) Purple, Snakebite and Cold Steel

Jerry Hill (b)
Alan Tracy (d) – also in Legend

– Singer Dave Montgomery found Dervish via a Melody Maker ad and traveled from Ireland to join the band
– The person on the cover of their LP below is a very drunk guy they met at a Reading Festival back in the early 1980s and never saw him again since.
– Appeared on the compilation “Kent Rocks” (LP, White Witch Records, 1981) with the track ‘Cyclone’
– All the music Dervish ever recorded has been released on “Some Monsterism”. However, according to bassist Gavin Matthews, Dervish had few more songs which were never recorded on tape. Another two non LP songs ‘The Journey’ and ‘Break In’ were recorded in 1980 but unfortunatelly the tapes got damaged and thus lost forever.

DERVISH - Some Monsterism

Some Monsterism

LP O.P.M. Records (2001) OPMR 1007

1. Warlords (1981)
2. Hold On (1982)
3. Cyclone (1981)
4. Dervish (1980)
5. Nightstalker (1981)
6. Angels One-Five 1982)
7. Sacrifice (1981)
8. False Heaven (1982)
9. Speeding Fine (1981)
10. The Mover (1980)
11. Back From The Grave (1980)

*The year in brackets is the recording year. Limited to 750 hand-numbered copies. The first 100 numbers are pressed in green vinyl, the rest in black vinyl