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Line Up
Jon Everett (v,b)
Phil Allchin (g)
Martin Harris (g)
John Regan (d)

Ian Devlin (g,k)

– Formed in 1978 and remained active until 1985. During this time Denigh played live numerous times and provided support slots for Saxon, Samson, Budgie, Girlschool and Rage among others
– True to the DIY spirit, they self-produced several different promo materials (badges, stickers, posters etc) as well as two t-shirts at the time
– A few low profile reunion gigs took place over the years at small local venues


Demo 1979

1. Three Sparrows
2. Bed Of Nails
3. Burn The Sky
4. Echo Of An Echo
5. Missing You
6. Stay On Top
7. The Star
8. Falling Snow

Demo 1979

1. No Way
2. Walking The Streets
3. Is There a Chance



No Way

7″ Ace Records (1980) ACE 16

1. No Way
2. Running

*No picture sleeve. Pressed in 1000 copies. Both tracks can be found on the compilation “NWOBHM Metal Rarities Volume 3” (CD, British Steel, 1997)


Lean On ’em Hard

CASSETTE self-released (1982)

1. Call Me Angel
2. Give Me Strength
3. Savage
4. Bed of Nails
5. Ironclad
6. Roulette
7. Meanstreak
8. Foxy

*Limited to 500 copies

Fire From The Sky

DENIGH - Fire From The Sky Cassette

Cassette cover

DENIGH - Fire From The Sky

CD cover

CASSETTE Red Admiral Records (1984) Den-1
CD Iron Pages (2002) IPR002

1. Fire From The Sky
2. Synthetic Seduction
3. Touch Me
4. Put My Neck On The Line
5. Struck Down (In The City)
6. Lean On ’em Hard
7. The One Eyed Jack
8. Travelling On
9. Sentinel

*Cassette limited to 500 copies.
*The Iron Pages CD release has a different track order plus 2 bonus songs:
10. Give Me Strength
11. Meanstreak

Give It Some!

1. Fire From The Sky
2. Losing Control
3. Bed Of Nails
4. Meanstreak
5. You Put My Neck On The Line
6. Lean On ’em Hard
7. Dirty Little Girls
8. No Way
9. Dead And Buried
10. Foxy

*All tracks are live recordings from 1985 and was ment to be released the same year.


CD-R self-released (1997)

1. No Way
2. Running
3. Meanstreak (Live)
4. Put My Neck On The Line (Live)
5. Losing Control (Live)
6. Dead & Buried (Live)
7. Bed Of Nails (Live)
8. Call Me Angel
9. Savage
10. Roulette
11. Ironclad
12. Foxy

*Tracks 1-2 from the 7″ and 8-12 from the ‘Lean On ’em Hard’ Cassette