Deep Machine

Deep Machine

Location: London | Website: facebook

Line Up
Lenny Baxter (v)
Bob Hooker (g)
Nick East (g) – also in Deadbolt
John Riley (b) – also in Stolen Property, Urban Clearway and Innovatia
Charlie Towler (d) – also in Slam, Devil’s Candy and XFX

Tony Smith (v) – also in Minas Tirith and Strutt
Roger Marsden (v) – also in E.F. Band, Nevada Foxx and Angel Witch
Chris Mallia (g) – also in Helgrind
Tony Harris (g) – also in Burn
Nigel Martindale (g) – also in Carnal Rites, Art of War, Fawl and Torn Angel
John Wiggins (g) – also in Tokyo Blade, Battlezone, and Lone Wolf
Kevin Heybourne (g) – also in Angel Witch and Blind Fury
Steve Bensusan (g)
Paul Smith (g) – also in Janine
Dave Orton (b)
Andy Wrighton (b) – also in Tokyo Blade and Shogun
Dave Dufort (d) – also in Nevada Foxx, Angel Witch, E.F. Band, Tytan, Lionheart, Mike Oldfield, Epizootic, Kevin Ayers, Paper Blitz Issue, Screaming Lord Sutch, Phantasm, Troy, The Scenery and The Voice
Richard Vernon (d)
John Hamilton (d)
Ricky Bruce (d) – also in Angel Witch and Touchstone
Steve Kingsley (d) – also in Rogue Male, Vardis and The Deep

– Formed in 1977 at East London and even though they had a strong local following they remained underground due to the fact that they never had any official releases at the time.
– Apart from the demo recordings presented below there are also quite a few live recordings in existence from the period up until 1981.
– In 1979 Bob Hooker auditioned for Iron Maiden. He landed among the Top 3 out of 30 other guitarists.
– Deep Machine split up in early 1984. They played one reunion gig at the Ruskin Arms in 1988 with the following line-up: Roger Marsden (v), Ray Evans (g), John Wiggins (g), Dave Orton (b) and Charlie Towler (d)
– Reunited again in 2009 with Bob Hooker (g), John Wiggins (g), Andy Wrighton (b) and Charlie Towler (d). More changes occured since then and the last known line-up is shown above. With an announcement that was posted on their official facebook page on October 8th, 2015 Deep Machine called it a day.

Demo 1980

1. Deep Machine
2. Witch Child
3. The Wizard

Demo 1981

1. Demon Preacher
2. Asylum
3. Witchild
4. Deep Machine

Demo 1982

1. Nightstalker
2. Saga

Demo 1983

1. Feed the Fever
2. Freeway
3. Sin Is Just A State Of Mind

DEEP MACHINE - Deep Machine


Deep Machine

12″ High Roller Records (2011) HRR 153

1. Demon Preacher
2. Asylum
3. Witchild
4. Deep Machine

*Limited to 500 copies, 350 in black and 150 in white vinyl
*White label test pressing also available

Deep Machine

CD EP self-released (2012)

1. Iron Cross
2. Killer
3. Whispers In The Black

*Limited to 200 copies

DEEP MACHINE - Whispers In The Black


Whispers In The Black

12″ High Roller Records (2013) HRR 287

1. Whispers in the Black
2. Iron Cross
3. Killer

**Limited to 500 copies, 350 in black and 150 in white/black splatter vinyl