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Line Up
Trevor Short (v,g) – also in Vandamne and Axe Victims
Steve Peril (g)
Pete Gentil (b) – also in Vandamne
Rupert Irving (d)

Andy Dunne (g)
Steve Tarrant (g) – also in Axe Victims
Ashley John Limer (g) – also in Vandamne and Sack Trick
Malcolm Hanselman (d) – also in Axe Victims
Andy Jones (d)
Andy Powell (d)

– Evolved from Axe Victims. The name Dealer occured when they lost the battle with Paul Di’Anno over the rights to the name ‘Lone Wolf’
– Very active on stage playing gigs across the country. Also supported Motorhead and Gary Moore
– For several years since 1988 and up until the mid 1990’s most members formed Vandamne. Vandamne played melodic Hard Rock  and released the album Nightcrimes (CD, Long Island Records, 1994)
– Dealer’s “Reunion Concert” in 2010 was sold out! Thus they decided to carry on for a few years more.

DEALER - Boogie, Booze & Birds

Boogie, Booze & Birds

CASSETTE Self-released (1982)
CD-R Rock Factory (2000)

1. Lone Wolf
2. Take The Money And Run
3. Leather Queen
4. At Your Mercy
5. And Then Some More
6. Harder Faster
7. Don’t Fall In Love With a Disco Queen
8. Footstompin’ Man
9. Boogie, Booze & Birds

DEALER - Better Things To Do


Better Things To Do

7″ Windrush (1983) WR1030

1. Better Things To Do
2. Suspected Foul Play

*Pressed in 1000 copies




Demo 1984

1. The Final Conflict
2. Money Is Your Password
3. Looking For A Reason

DEALER - First Strike

First Strike

LP Ebony Records (1986) EBON 42
CD No Remorse Records (2010) NRR009

1. When Midnight Comes
2. Victims Of The Night
3. Son Of A Bitch
4. Epitaph
5. Choose Your Weapon
6. Bring The Walls Down
7. Final Conflict
8. Shout At The Night (bonus on the CD)
9. Lap Of The Gods (bonus on the CD)

*The CD edition is a co-release of No Remorse Records with ONR (Obscure NWOBHM Releases) and is limited to 1000 copies

DEALER - One More Time!

One More Time!

CD-R Rock Factory (2000)

1. Lap Of The Gods
2. Suspected Foul Play
3. Pretending
4. Then Some More
5. Son Of A Bitch
6. Looking For A Reason
7. Boogie, Booze & Birds
8. Thief In The Night
9. Just The Same
10. Final Conflict

*Recordings from 1988 just before their split

DEALER - For Old Times Sake

For Old Time’s Sake

CD-R Rock Factory (2000)

1. At Your Mercy
2. “’ow Ya Doin’”
3. Eastern Promise
4. Money Is Your Passport
5. Better Things To Do
6. Epitaph
7. Boogie, Booze & Birds (Live)
8. Shadow Play (Live)
9. KC 135 (Live)
10. Egors’ Boogie (Live)
11. Lone Wolf (Revised Version)

*Recordings from 1988 plus re-worked tracks by Trevor Short in his home studio

DEALER - Bootlegged


CD ONR (2008) ONR009
LP High Roller Records (2009) HRR057
LP High Roller Records (2018) HRR057

1. Strip Jack Naked
2. Can U Do It
3. Looking For A Reason
4. Victims Of The Night
5. Bring The Walls Down
6. Money Is Your Passport
7. Me `n’ The Boys
8. Thief In The Night
9. Suspected Foul Play
10. Boogie, Booze & Birds
11. Better Things To Do
12. Final Conflict

*Compilation of previously unreleased material from 1983-1985
*First LP pressing by High Roller limited to 300 copies, 200 in black and 100 in white vinyl
*Second LP pressing by High Roller has the same catalogue number and is limited to 300 copies, 100 in black and 200 in silver vinyl

DEALER - The Final Concert

The Final Concert

CD-R Rock Factory (2010)

1. Intro/Me ‘n’ the Boys
2. Can U Do It?
3. Looking For A Reason
4. Money Is Your Passport
5. At Your Mercy
6. Lap Of The Gods
7. Better Things To Do
8. Epitaph
9. Bring The Walls Down
10. Special Thanks To…
11. Son of A Bitch
12. The Final Conflict

DEALER - Boogie, Booze & Birds 2019Boogie, Booze & Birds: Demos & Rarities

LP + 7″ Splattered! Records (2019) SPLAT-022

1. Boogie Booze And Birds
2. Me And The Boys
3. Bats In The Belfrey
4. Lone Wolf
5. Take The Money And Run
6. Leather Queen
7. At Your Mercy
8. And Then Some
9. Harder Faster
10. Footstompin’ Man

*Remastered edition of their 1982 Cassette plus a replica of the Better Things To Do 7″. Limited to 500 copies

DEALER - In The Name Of God


In The Name Of God

Digital download (2021)

1. In The Name Of God
2. Leave Me Alone
3. Metal Storm
4. My Moscovite

*Recorded during lockdown 2020 and released on digital format