Dawn Trader

Dawn Trader

Location: Nottingham | Website: official | facebook 

Line Up
Mick Preston (v) – also in Screw, Bad Reputation and Carnaby Rocks
Wayne Vizard (g) – also in Carnaby Rocks
Fraser Shaw (b)
Ian McKay (d)

Max Coxhead (v)
Chris Allard (g) – also in Screw and Scratch
Andy Kealey (g) – also in Noel Redding, Tristram, Andy Boris And Keith and Buzzard
Steve Humphreys (g) – also in Mercury
Ric Evans (b) – also in Lazy, Spoonful and Krusade
Keith White (d) – also in Screw, Andy Boris And Keith and Buzzard
Bradley Vizard (d)
Dave Langdon (k) – also in Magic Car, Scott 4, The Electric Effect, Laura Mayne Kebrat and 22-20s.

– Active from 1979 until 1986. Reformed in 2009
– They got their name from the book “Dawn Treader” by CS Lewis
– Shared the stage with bands such as Diamond Head, Magnum, Def Leppard, Krokus, Saracen, Raven and in recent years with Status Quo, Y&T and Wishbone Ash

DAWN TRADER - 4 Track E.P.


4 Track E.P.

7″ AFE (1980) DT 1

1. No One Gonna Better Me
2. Orphan
3. Dawn Trader
4. You On My Mind

*Limited to 1000 copies


DAWN TRADER - Flash In The Sky

Flash In The Sky

CASSETTE Way Ahead Records (1981) WAC2

1. Roller
2. Whole Lotta Trouble
3. Angel
4. Flash In The Sky

DAWN TRADER - Roller + 4


Roller + 4

CASSETTE Way Ahead Records (1982) WAC3

1. Angel
2. Take The Money And Run
3. Roller
4. Good To Be Back Home
5. Running For Your Life




CD From The Ashes (2011)
LP ONR Records (2012) ONRLP001

1. Turn Down
2. Homebreaker
3. Take It
4. No Reason
5. Roller
6. Running For Your Life
7. Bad Loser
8. Angel
9. Whiskey And Coke
10. Lights Out Nights Out
11. Flash In The Sky
12. Castle

LP tracklisting:

1. Turn Down
2. Homebreaker
3. Roller
4. Take It
5. Angel
6. Whiskey And Coke
7. Lights Out Nights Out
8. Castle

*LP limited to 350 copies. ONR Records stands for Obscure Nwobhm Releases