Location: Malvern | Website: n/a

Line Up
Shaun Grant (v,g)
Don Heptinstall (g) – also in  Health Warning
Gary Curtiss (b)
Tim Batkin (d) – also in Tom Sawyer and Before The Storm

Tony Eyres (v) (1980-1983)
John Ridsdale (v) (1983-1989)
Barry Pedlingham (b) (1980-1983) – also in Tyga Myra
Neil Orgee (b) (1983- 1989)

– Active from 1979 until the early 1990s. Reformed in 2003
– Appeared on the promo compilation “The Roots Of Metallica” (CD, Rock Classics, 2010) with the track ‘No Time At All’. This CD was circulated with the Austrian magazine Slam in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.
– Almost booked by Wacken to play the 2008 festival. The organisers thought they were speaking to the US band of the same name. Wacken sent over a wikipedia link of the US Cynic and asked if it was them in order to make sure who they were booking!

Do Or Die Demo

CASSETTE self released (1982)

1. Killroy
2. Do or Die
3. Eight Below
4. Faithless One

*Engineered by Paul White who later became the editor in chief of Sound on Sound magazine

CYNIC - Suicide



7″ SRT (1983) CYN 1

1. Suicide
2. No Time At All

*No picture sleeve




Rebel Eye

CASSETTE EP self released (1987)

1. Ten Years From Now
2. Feel Love This Time
3. Good Hurt
4. Rebel Eye

CYNIC - Right Between the Eyes

Right Between The Eyes

CD self-released (2003)

1. Suicide
2. No Time At All
3. Ten Years From Now
4. Feel Love This Time
5. Rebel Eye
6. Good Hurt
7. Suburban Crisis
8. Liar
9. Love Train
10. Vertigo
11. Ain’t Just A Hurricane
12. Pump It Thump It
13. Time And Money
14. Raised On Whisky

Tracks 1-2 from the 7″
Tracks 3-6 from the “Rebel Eye” Cassette
Tracks 7-14 previously unreleased tracks recorded in 1989

CYNIC - Suburban Crisis

Suburban Crisis

CD self released (2008)
LP self-released/Vergette Limited (2009) VERCYN 001-01

1. Suicide
2. Ten Years From Now
3. Dark December
4. Suburban Crisis
5. Faithless One
6. Rebel Eye
7. Do Or Die
8. Eight Below

*Old songs re-recorded in 2006 at the Rockfield Studio with Matt Butler (Rush, Black Sabbath, Pink Floyd, Gary Moore etc). Cover by Hugh Syme (Nevermore, Rush, Megadeth, Dream Theater etc)