Location: Barnsley | Website: n/a

Line Up
Dave Pearsall (v,b) – also in Lotus Cruise, Alleycatz and The DP Project
Perry Duke (b) (2011 – today)
Steve Clifford (g) – also in Seventh Son
Asa Duke (d) (2013 – today)

Andy Young (g) (1986 – 1988) – also in Lotus Cruise and Alleycatz
Mark Summerfield (g) (1985-1986)
Chris Bruce (d) (1985-1986)
Ian Parkin (d) (1986 – 1988) – also in Seventh Son, Lotus Cruise, Alleycatz and Rich Rags
Matt Townsend (d) (2010 – 2013)

– Not to be confused with another British band of the same name who released two 7″ singles in the late 1970s on Virgin
– Appeared on the compilation “Metal Collection III” (LP, Ebony, 1987) with the track ‘Party After Dark’
– After a couple of line-up and style changes, they changed the name to Alleycatz in late 1988 and released one more single with the songs ‘Self Destruction’ and ‘Alleycat Strut’ before calling it a day.
– Reunited in 2010

CRY - Party After Dark


Party After Dark

7″ Crazy FlowerPot (1987) CF 001

1. Party After Dark
2. Crazy Days Crazy Nights





CRY - Give Her An Ice Cream And Watch Her Melt


Give Her An Ice Cream And Watch Her Melt

7″ Crazy FlowerPot (1988) CFP002

1. Give Her An Ice Cream And Watch Her Melt
2. Star




CRY - The G2 Sessions


The G2 Sessions

Digital download (2011)

1. Last Train To Rocknrollsville
2. My Plastic Clowns
3. Sin City

*Available from their website



CRY - Growing Old Disgracefully


Growing Old Disgracefully

CD self-released (2012)

1. My Plastic Clowns (remix)
2. A Year And A Day
3. Rocket Baby 54321
4. Don’t Get Mad Get Even
5. Circus Of Power
6. Supermad
7. Drop The Bomb
8. Perfect Bitch
9. Sin City (remix)
10. Human Disgrace
11. Last Train To Rocknrollsville (remix)
12. Take Me With You

*Available from their website – comes with a free t-shirt