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Line Up
Steve Pragnell (v)
Danny Gwilym (g) – also in Tyrant, Roadhouse, Tokyo Blade, Ancient Wonder and Shogun
Martin Rahn (b) – also in Black Rose
Marc Angel (d) – also in Tokyo Blade and Battlezone
Chris May (k) – also in Explorer

Steve Southern (v)
Pat Shayler (g) – also in Jodey, Cawte In The Act, First Offence, Hopgood And Friends, Matrix, The Booze Brothers, Forever Queen and Dr Rock
John Barr (b) – also in Jodey and Last Flight
Steve Hopgood (d) – also in Shy, Legion, Tank, Battlezone, Jagged Edge, Passion, Killers, Lionheart and Persian Risk
Russ Payne (d)
Adrian Chase (k)

– Initially called Chinastreet
– Featured on Tommy Vance’s Friday Rock Show on Radio One. Four tracks first broadcasted on June 25, 1982. These were: ‘Caught On The Wrong Side’, ‘Back On The Streets’, ‘I Wanna See You Tonight’ and ‘City Woman’
– Featured on the compilation “Reading Rock Volume One” (2LP, Mean Records, 1982) with the tracks: ‘I Wanna See You Tonight’ and ‘Caught On The Wrong Side’. Both recorded live at their Reading Festival appearance in 1982

CHINATOWN - Short And Sweet


Short And Sweet

7″ Airship (1981) AP 138

1. Short And Sweet
2. How Many Times





CHINATOWN - Play It To The Death


Play It To The Death

LP Airship (1981) AP 343
CD Vinyl Tap Records (1997) ETHEL 6
CD Soundholic (1997) SHCD1-0009 (Japan)

1. Play It To The Death
2. How Many Times
3. No Time to Kill
4. Time Will Tell
5. Run To Japan
6. It Could Happen to You
7. Short and Sweet
8. Rock and Roll Legend
9. Chinatown

The CD editions have the following bonus tracks:
10. Short And Sweet  (from the 7”)
11. How Many Times?  (from the 7”)
12. I wanna See You Tonight  (from the Reading Rock Volume One compilation)
13. Caught On The Wrong Side (from the Reading Rock Volume One compilation)

*Live album recorded in May 1981