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Line Up
Steve Baker (v)
Kevin Clark (g)
Adam Shelswell (g)
Kevin Rogers (b)
Clive Richardson (d) – also in Blacktop Harrison

– Drummer Clive Richardson has uploaded an unreleased instrumental track from 1987 called ‘Octopus’ on youtube which you can listen here
– Chaser got together in 2016 and signed to Skol Records. Scheduled for October 2016 is the release of “Raiders: The Anthology” which will contain 15 remastered studio tracks from 1984-87

CHASER - Raiders



7″ SRT Productions Ltd. (1984) SRT4KS304

1. Raiders
2. Final Stand

*No picture sleeve



CHASER - Raiders - The Anthology


Raiders – The Anthology

CD Skol Records (2016) SR 032
DLP High Roller Records (2017) HRR 540

1. Raiders
2. Final Stand
3. Bad Lover
4. Crucifix
5. Chaindriven
6. Dressed For The Kill
7. Sudden Break
8. Salute The Warrior Queen
9. Octopus
10. On My Own
11. For King And Country
12. First To Fall
13. Tragedy
14. Dressed For The Kill
15. Backstreet

*Tracks 1-2 from the single. Everything else recorded between 1985-1987
*DLP by High Roller limited to 300 copies, 150 in black and 150 x transparent electric blue vinyl.


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