Charlie ‘Ungry

Charlie 'Ungry

Location: London | Website:  n/a

Line Up
Tony Sando (v) – also in Yellow Bird
Steve Protheroe (g) – also in Scruff
Jeff Gibbs (b) – also in Yellow Bird
Andy Demetriou (d) – also in Scruff

Tony Nurse (g)

CHARLIE 'UNGRY - House On Chester Rd


House On Chester Rd.

7″ self-released (1978) CU 001

1. House On Chester Rd.
2. Preacher
3. Who Is My Killer

* Reached #17 in the independent UK charts



CHARLIE 'UNGRY - The Chester Road Album


The Chester Road Album

CD ONR Records (2003) ONR 001

1. Who’s My Killer
2. Sometimes I Go Out Of My Mind
3. Try It Again
4. Where Are You Now, Christina?
5. House On Chester Road
6. To Get Back Home
7. We’re Gonna Ride
8. Digby Rising
9. Preacher
10. Time To Go
11. Keep The Peace
12. Memories
13. Let It Ride
14. Poor Boy’s Blues

*Recordings mostly from the late 1970s, transferred straight from the original master tape without any re-mastering – Limited to 1000 copies